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The Ultimate 2020 Ecommerce Sales Work Calendar

With the boom in online shopping, it has become important for eCommerce stores to show that they genuinely care about their customers.

Like in brick and mortar stores, empty shelves, products arranged in the wrong categories, or unattended items on the floor aren’t acceptable. If your customers find anything disorganized in your online storefront, it is a disaster.

Monsoon has officially arrived, and it’s time to do mid-year business cleaning, which means making an eCommerce sales work calendar.

Ecommerce Sales Work Calendar

On that note, let’s look at how you can make your way to a profitable 2020.

Declutter Website Marketing

 Rather than jumping right into the intense decluttering process, take some time to look at last year’s marketing strategies, conversion rates, promotions, events, etc.

Analyzing last year’s sales metrics also provides an opportunity to see which tactics performed well and which ones failed.

Moving on, create a list of sales prices, promotions, and discounts you are currently offering to your customers. To clear the clutter, you need to know how your website will look once all is said and done.

When the list is ready, review your marketing policies and material. Make the necessary changes — whether it is revising pricing, policies, or discounts.

Make sure the prices on your website, ad campaigns, and recommendation bars match. You don’t want to make a claim you can’t honor.

While you are decluttering, remove outdated campaigns and ads.

Check Compatibility Across Various Devices

 Browse your platform on all the devices to perform compatibility checks. If your eCommerce platform already has in-built testing tools, you are good to go.

If not, seek help from platforms designed for cross-browser compatibility testing. To quickly review whether your site is mobile-friendly, run a test on Google’s Search Console. It will give you an idea of whether your theme works efficiently on mobile devices or not. If it doesn’t, hire experts of web design in Frederick, MD to address the issues first, before reworking your strategies.

While you are testing user experience/ compatibility across various devices, make a list of steps the buyer has to take to make a purchase. Review the entire buying process — from searching an item to finishing a purchase with a thank you note.

Highlight anything that looks repetitive. Reduce the number of steps involved in the buying process, and improve user experience. Make FAQ elements readily available.

Next, map out the customer’s journey step-by-step and consolidate them when possible.

Content And SEO Optimization

 Review your site for SEO purposes monthly. Make a list of elements that are working well and optimize the ones that aren’t. Perform keyword research, and note down how the old keywords are performing. Also, keep track of the keywords your competitors are targeting. Update title tags, write meta descriptions. Update alt-text and target local SEO key terms. Fix broken links and redirect users to a webpage containing relevant information about the search query. Repurpose content that isn’t performing well, and curate a content calendar.

Use Wordtracker to see relevant keywords for your industry, and create a marketing strategy to target them. If you are no expert of search engine optimization, get in touch with an SEO Maryland company.

Create A 4-Month Report For Ecommerce Sales

Review analytics across website design, sales, marketing, and site performance. Use various analytics tools to see which elements are working and which ones aren’t.

To make the process easier for your team, make a list of products, and examine the touchpoints for these products. Audit website, page loading speed, on-page, off-page elements, campaigns across all channels. Study user behavior and create new personas. Understand the needs of your audience and rectify the issues that exist.

At the same time, document all the campaigns that performed well and share it with your team. All these efforts can help you strategize future marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts 

Breakdown Ecommerce sales work calendar into small tasks so that everything is achieved and results are easily measurable.

Hopefully, this article was helpful!

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