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Top Reasons Why You Should Learn Kafka

Kafka has become one of the most popular data streaming software that is being used by most of the MNCs today. It is widely used everywhere because of its power and ease of maintenance. It is completely efficient and portable with all the major data streams. The operations of Kafka are very simple and there is no rocket science in using it. You can easily setup and start using it.

Learn Kafka

The main usage of Kafka is for the task of real-time analytics of website along with tracking, feeding data into Hadoop and spark, and metrics collection. The major fortune five hundred companies that use Kafka include LinkedIn, Uber, Yelp and Twitter, etc. In order to analyze the behavior of the customer, Kafka has the capability to integrate all the data effectively including orders, searches, page click, etc into the predictive engine.

This course comes with a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why learning Kafka can be fruitful for your career:

  • High Performance

Bulk data can be easily published and subscribed at a very high speed with Apache Kafka.

  • Durability

Kafka is an open-source system and helps in easily placing the messages and data into the intra-cluster replication.

  • Completely scalable

There is no downtime that occurs with Kafka. It is highly scalable and can bear any amount of heavy data.

  • Reliable software

With Kafka, there is zero loss of the data and any of the required information can be pulled out.

  • Quick integration

It is very easy to integrate Kafka without any hurdles and concerns.

  • Smooth data feed into big data systems

The data from Kafka can be smoothly fed into systems like Spark and Hadoop. The real-time insights can be quickly retrieved with it.

  • Easy resistance towards machine failure

Fault tolerance is one of the best and powerful features of the Apache Kafka software. Within a cluster, all the machine failures can be easily resisted without any blockages.

  • Flexible handling of real-time data

The real-time data can be handled from any of the source applications with Kafka.

  • Distributed architecture

Apache Kafka software comes in distributed architecture which makes it completely scalable in data partition and replication.

Anyone who is looking to work in the big data and related domains should definitely take a chance to learn Kafka. The course can be taken up by the developers and also testers who are willing to work on the messaging related systems. It is good to have basic java knowledge before learning the course.

Nowadays, due to this pandemic, it is not possible to join the classroom training but there are many institutes that provide Apache Kafka online training. You can easily search for these institutes on the internet and choose the one that suits you the most. On completion of the course, you will also get a Kafka certificate which can add stars to your resume and boost your chances of getting selected in an MNC.

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