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The Top Benefits to Using Magento Ecommerce

A number of advantages inherent in Magento allowed the platform to acquire a considerable army of fans. Magento 2 pays great attention to security issues, almost every update includes security fixes to protect against potential hacker attacks. Product efficiency is another big bonus, as not every system can handle heavy traffic, let alone horse racing. Magento 2, hosted on a reliable server, ensures smooth operation regardless of store load.

Benefits to Using Magento Ecommerce

Other, no less important advantages available after the Magento 1 to 2 migration include:

  1. Strong market position. Trust of the world’s largest brands, a transparent path of development. All this makes Magento a solid choice for online stores.
  2. Flexibility. Magento 2 platform offers excellent configuration options, both in terms of store appearance and functionality.
  3. Ready-made solutions. The very large number of out-of-the-box extensions (free and paid) means that many Magento 2 features can be implemented with little effort.
  4. CMS, thanks to the built-in Magento content management system, allows you to manage content even for users with no programming knowledge.

The functionality of version 2 reveals much more functionality. Therefore, the best Magento development company Elogic is the ideal solution for owners who decide to migrate from version 1 to 2. If you are in doubt about whether to choose this particular platform for your online store, check out the platform’s capabilities in more detail.

Versatile Content Management

Content is one of the most important components for the functioning of an online store. Having tools to simplify content management is essential. Magento 2 is characterized by:

  • built-in content management system CMS
  • managing all types of content from one administration panel,
  • adding, editing and deleting various types of content by editors from the panel level,
  • assigning content to categories and subcategories,
  • various options for styling and formatting content,
  • setting metadata title, description,
  • the ability to add headers H1-H6 to the content,
  • the ability to create a blog Promotions and promotion rules in the Magento 2 system
  • management of promotion from one Magento 2 panel,
  • implementation of mass promotions for various product groups,
  • adding stocks from the catalog and the cart level,
  • setting different pricing rules (for catalogs and baskets),
  • various kinds of promotions price cuts, free shipping, freebies, etc.,
  • determination of the duration of the action.

Mobile-friendly configuration

Adaptability for mobile devices is one of the most important rules of a successful online store. Magento 2 offers tools to facilitate the adaptability process. In turn, store owners will receive:

  • more affordable cost per click;
  • reduction in advertising costs;
  • wider audience of potential customers;

faster indexing and high ranking positions for key queries.

One of the requirements of Google is precisely the adaptability for mobile devices. In addition, the speed of loading pages is one of the decisive factors in user interaction with the site.

Advanced and SEO-friendly

SEO (including metadata, rich snippets, friendly URLs, canonical tags, XML sitemap generation) and newsletter newsletter management, optional email marketing tool integrations, and a range of other tools make Magento 2 even more attractive. In addition, the owner has access to:

  • social proof rating and feedback system,
  • creating and managing survey forms,
  • matching and displaying related and recommended products, etc. cross-selling and upselling bestseller sections and recently viewed items,
  • creating a blog section.
  • Integration of marketing and sales
  • integration with CRM,
  • integration with analytical tools (Google Analytics, Pixel FB, Hotjar, etc.),
  • integration with social media channels,
  • integration with price comparison sites,
  • integration with trading platforms,
  • integration with Google Merchant Center

Multi-currency & language support

The system is adapted to connect to various popular payment systems, and therefore, the site can be fully used in different countries, which significantly increases the potential audience of customers. Equally important is adaptability for different language versions of the site, with convenient switching tools.

Intelligent Filtered Search For Shoppers

For the convenience of the store’s interaction with users and vice versa, the site owners have access to the following useful functions:

  • assigning different roles to platform users,
  • unlimited number of users who can be granted permissions,
  • granting access to certain resources to individual users,
  • access to unlimited resources of the Magento 2 platform for the administrator,
  • the ability to change user rights and the ability to manage the platform simultaneously by many users.

Filtering orders by various attributes, incl. date, order number, article, mass promotion for several orders, issuing several invoices for one order, a simple refund system based on corrective invoices, and much more is available in Magento 2

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