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The Reasons to Change IP Address and How to Do

Every device connected to network through internet protocol has its own unique label known as internet protocol address or more popularly known as ip address. And yes, that’s including the computer, notebook, gadget, or even home appliances connected to the internet network.

IP Address Roles

IP address has very important roles. The first is for network interface identification and the second is the address of the location. IP address ensures certain device can communicate with other device within the network and able to receive or send data from and to the right device. While an ip address is unique to each and every device or network, there are possible needs to change ip address.

Why Change IP Address

There are several reasons why people think they need to change ipaddres of device connected to internet. Those reasons are:

–       Technical reasons

The most common reasons to change ip address are purely technical. Wrong setting or accidentally using invalid ip address can cause serious problems with network connectivity. Changing to new and valid ip address would simply resolve the problem.

–       Accessibility issues

Another popular reason to change or hide ip address is to get freedom of access. There are several locations where certain contents banned or blocked due to local policies or regulations. Using different ip address from foreign server allow them to access those contents.

–       Privacy or Security

Some people want more privacy when they connect the internet and by changing from different ip addresses from time to time will help them hiding their actual location. This technique is also used by individuals or organizations to improve security of their internet networks. By hiding actual ip address, it would be much harder to become target of malicious attack.

Changing IP Address

No matter what the reason is, changing ip address can give several advantages. The problem is common people with little to non-existence computer knowledge often see it as advance as rocket science while in the real life, changing ip address is quite simple even for those without computer network knowledge. The most important thing to know is there are two types of ip address we can change: internet ip address and home (device) ip address. We can choose to change either one or both ip addresses.

Changing Internet IP Address

Modem based internet network usually uses dynamic ip address. Simply turn off the modem and when turn on it again and the ip address is automatically changed. While for broadband based internet network, it usually uses static ip address. Reset broadband modem can change the ip address but when it fails, you will need to contact the ISP.

Changing Home IP Address

Changing home ip address depends of the type of device and its platform. This can be more challenging. For computer, Mac or Windows, it requires setting the reconfiguration ip address through network and internet options.

Actually, there’s a better and much easier option to change ip address and that is using VPN or virtual private network. It is a software that works as virtual cable of private network. Simply install the software from the VPN provider and you can connect to the internet using the provider’s private network, practically hides your actual ip address.

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