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How Say2B Allows You To Gain Feedback & Information From Your Customers?

The goal behind using a customer loyalty program goes beyond rewarding your customers to keep bringing them back. A successful program should be able to provide you valuable insights around your customers’ needs, issues, and interests. It should also make it easy for you to communicate with them in an effective and engaging manner, allowing you to reach them without causing interference. Say2B allows you to do all this and much more.

Say2B Allows You To Gain Feedback & Information From Your Customers

How to Use Say2B?

You can use the Say2B customer loyalty application to learn about the customers in the following ways:

  • Understand your customers
  • Discover their issues affecting customer experience and resolve their problems
  • Boost customer experience
  • Reward customers to maintain loyalty

Learn About Customer Issues

Say2B is a powerful, feature-rich customer loyalty application for Android and iOS platforms. It is much more than a loyalty program and allows you get customer feedback. The program allows you to set tasks and get feedbacks and votes from customers.

Say2B Allows You To Gain Feedback & Information From Your Customers

Clients can describe the problems they are facing in a task. They can mark each task as an issue, idea or a question. Besides, they can set the visibility for each task and their own profile. These features make this app quite different from conventional review platforms.

Key Features of Tasks

  • A task is different from a review. It means that your customers expect a solution from you.
  • Customers can set a task to be visible only to your business and/or they can hide their profile. This allows them to provide in-depth problem details without making their identity public.
  • If a task doesn’t get any solutions, it will remain in the pending list. Your company rating can get affected if you don’t respond to or resolve a task for over 2 weeks.

Customers are also allowed to rate their experience with your business, set tags, add images, and a subject. All users are allowed to vote on a task and add their comments.

Solution – As a business, your job around ‘tasks’ is to provide solutions. A solution refers to a comment and once you have provided it, the customer and other users can rate your solution. Your company’s ratings are affected by the ratings received by these solutions.

Say2B Allows You To Gain Feedback & Information From Your Customers

Reward – You can also offer gifts to a client for many reasons. A gift can be attached to a message when someone suggests a great idea. On the other hand, you can also attach a gift if you want to rectify an error from your side.

Say2B Allows You To Gain Feedback & Information From Your Customers

You can easily view your ratings/stats along with the tasks created and the solved tasks.

Get Feedbacks only by Verified Customers

Say2B Allows You To Gain Feedback & Information From Your Customers

Another area where Say2B’s feedback system is different from online reviews is that it allows you to verify the users. Anyone can leave reviews for your business – both positive and negative ones. By default, the app allows other users to create tasks and leave comments but they remain unverified. If a user wants to get verified, they should provide a proof that they are your customers.

This evidence can be in the following forms:

  • Selfie: The user can verify themselves by uploading a selfie of being inside your store/business place or showing a receipt of having done business with you.
  • Loyalty Card: By showing the number or photo of your loyalty card. Say2B allows storing loyalty cards.
  • Check-in: A user can check-in when they are in your business place. Say2B will verify this by checking the distance between the user and the checked-in point.
  • Business Check-in: A user can also be verified when QR-code is scanned on a user’s screen to write-off/provide a gift by your company rep.

All this evidence is visible only to your business. The tasks and comments from such users will receive the ‘verified’ sign, adding credibility and making it easier for you to provide solution. Thus, Say2B takes customer loyalty programs to the next level. It creates a powerful feedback system that allows you to gain valuable information from your customers. Thus, it adds a new dimension to the entire loyalty program concept. Besides, it is easy to run and manage the overall program. Anyone with basic IT skills can use it on their mobile device.

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