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The Progression of Online Gaming Technology

Gaming has come a long way in the last few decades or so. Gone are the days that you have to drive and find the nearest casino just to gamble. People who want to enjoy entertaining games can now live the casino experience even in the comfort of their home. Thanks to access to fast internet connection, you can now enjoy different games using your device whether it’s a laptop or even a mobile device.

And the good news for aficionados is that everything is evolving. Imagine things that you’ve seen in the last few years or so become obsolescent or even obsolete because of the fast pace tech industry that we have today.

Online Gaming Technology

Popularity of E-Sports

Online gaming has shaped the way the world lives. Today, there is competitive online gaming or e-sports. You can even request for a visa in some countries as an e-sports athlete. This is somewhat new. In 2016, an e-sports event was able to come up with prizes that was worth $20 million. Among the many popular games that exists today, the ones with the biggest followings are Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and DotA 2.

And so far, it is becoming more and more professionalized every year. You have managers handling e-sports athletes, investing in a group in order for them to concentrate on winning games.

Blockchain Technology

For those who aren’t familiar, blockchain is a growing industry. Basically, blockchain tech operates by having a public ledger that can be accessible to everyone. It has been utilized mainly by cryptocurrencies removing third parties that confirm transactions.

Now, how exactly is blockchain changing the online gaming industry? Well, for one, it’s giving those who would’ve otherwise had no other means to make deposits at online casinos a solution – cryptocurrencies.

While this is mostly great news, due to the concerns of cryptos being used for illicit activities, the initial verification process when choosing to use this type of payment method at online casino may be somewhat lengthy. However, this is a good thing as it’s ensuring that all your future transactions are not only quick, but also very safe – it’s time worth spending.

In addition to making waves in the online payment industry, blockchain is also very useful in other areas. For online casinos, data such as gaming results, winnings, and payouts are typically hidden, or at the very least, not easily accessible by the public. However, thanks to the inherent nature of blockchain, all of these will now be transparent, giving players a clear picture of the casino before they decide whether or not to play with them. Cases where casinos were accused of rigging and stealing from its customers will now be a thing of the pass because players will know all the odds and risks involved right from the get-go.

There are some online casinos that even take blockchain tech a step further by developing their own coins that can be used as a currency within the casino’s platform. One example of this is Zerocoin which is the digital currency that is being used on Zero Edge.

Artificial Intelligence on Online Casinos

Artificial intelligence (AI) goes a long way. Two decades ago, IBM’s Deep Blue computer was able to beat one of the all-time greatest Chess Grandmasters, Gary Kasparov, by 3.5 to 2.5 in a six-game series. Fast forward today, it isn’t exactly surprising why it has finally made its way towards online gaming.

There are casinos that are betting big on AI. It’s a good thing for casinos because it allows them to understand and track players’ behavior and patterns. While you might think that this will give the casino an edge when it comes to devising strategies to make it even harder for players to win, the truth is this technology is instead being used to protect the players.

How so? Well, since the casino can track a player’s betting habits, they can instantly recognize any strange behavior, such as betting beyond the player’s own means, and then very quickly approach the player in order to provide them with help.

Responsible gambling is one area where AI is being heavily implemented in order to improve the safety of both the players and the gaming industry as a whole and will certainly only continue to improve with time.

But of course, just like with anything new, especially when it comes to technology, there are always concerns. The likes of poker AI and blockchain are relatively new concepts in today’s online games and while the operators are mostly the ones to utilize this technology, players could also be using it to gain an edge against these online casinos.

Amazing Graphics

One of the things that have contributed greatly to the popularity of online games is the high-def displays. Of course, for the truly hardcore gamers, playability and features are far more important than just looking pretty. However, it’s fair to say that for a great majority of players, eye candy is certainly enough to draw one’s attention. After which, the intricacies of the game can then speak for themselves.

Now, you even have virtual reality these days as well. What it offers is a real life casino experience even if you are just staying in the comfort of your own room. This unique experience allows users to think that they are inside a casino dealing with another person in the room.

Mobile Gaming

An American adult, according to statistics, spends around 73.8 hours monthly on mobile apps. That is equivalent to around 2 hours and 30 minutes spent daily on apps. Now, it makes sense that online casinos take advantage of this opportunity.

There are online casinos that offer their own apps while there are those that offer a mobile-friendly website that users can enjoy regardless of the brand of their device or the size of its screen.

Cloud Gaming

Another technology that is becoming popular in online games today is cloud gaming. What it does is lessen the load on the part of the online casino. Instead of investing in powerful hardware, the developers then load it to a cloud. This means that the cloud offers enough server-size limits that give users the opportunity to see superb images without any problem.


The progress made by the online gaming industry has come a long way in the last few years. Today, people can enjoy the games in an immersive manner. In addition to this, it can help improve how companies cater better services to users. However, there will also be some issues that these online casinos have to deal with every now and then.

For instance, considering cloud gaming lessens the load on the users, it is imperative that the online casino goes after the right packages depending on the requirement of their users. And also, you even have the blockchain craze reaching the online gaming industry. As for its adoption, it remains to be seen.

Overall, it’s certainly is a fantastic and interesting time to be in when it comes to online gaming.

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