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The Lycan Shepherd Dog and Its Disposition

Pets are the official soother and companion of human beings. Apart from showing fealty to their masters, they also dispose of characters of great love, care, and brilliance. The company of a dog makes a human being more comfortable and would astutely replace the labor of a person with much more power and resilience. Dogs are varied in categories and each one of them serves different purposes. Their characters aid the human beings in different tasks which would ease our laboring and finally be productive in course.

The Lycan Shepherd Dog

Lycan Shephard is one such category that has the marked popularity of a breed that is used for rescue and investigation services. It also has a good blend of docility combined with intelligence that makes it more endearing for humans. Loyalty is a universal dog’s character and this breed is no exception in any slight way.

In this article, we will steer into the detailing of this variety of dogs including his character and abilities. It is refreshing to know about a specimen that is famous for its compassion towards humans. The characters of Lycan Shephard will surprise you as the dexterity of its skills and powers surpasses that of a man.

Characters of Lycan Shepherd:

Lycan shepherd is fit and classy in its exterior and looks more powerful with its sharp features protruding on the face. The ears look straight and extend to the head as the points meet the ends.  The ears are the representation of the brilliance of the dog which is being called for vetting duties to solve crimes and cases with ease.

The eyes are childish as they pose an innocent look that captivates us as mischievous. It attracts the attention of onlookers the moment it meets their eyes. The muscular body is a feast for the eyes which makes people fall for the specimen instantly. It has a specific undercoat that visualizes the hound as a more sophisticated pet and a grandstander amongst its species. The colors of the breed, in general, are brown, reddish-brown, black, yellow, or light grey with white under-textures lining it. The whole head part of the dog is more accentuated and looks more vigorous in its appearance.

The looks of the dog are rather more attractive and its characteristics come across as more docile at the same time powerful. They have sensory powers beyond bounds and are capable of intruding into affairs and concluding investigations with aplomb.

History of the breed:

The inception of the breed predates to the 18th century. Max Von Stephanitz adapted his first Shepard dog when the journey of the breed sprouted along. Stephanitz, after developing an instant liking for the breed, went to foster a breed club to spread its clan with the help of Arthur Meyer. This gave way for the official breed to expand its wings when the eponymous Lycan Shephard came into existence.

The evolution of this spread happened at a record-breaking pace and had a strong foundation that perpetuated until 55 years without any glitch. This kind of a breed to have come the long way is only for the sheer excellence of the dog itself which stood the test of times with its power and benevolence. It has also elevated its standards to be touted as the most important breed of dogs to be more treasured.

The demeanor of Lycan Shephard:

The most trained dogs of this category would be very subservient and obey their masters with deference. His intelligence would not be compromised even though the breed would bend his ways to its rearing members. It would be a perfect pet that subjugates to the wishes of the family while preserving their homes with care and valor. Its rescue efforts have been too marked and excellent for it tides over any threats without much ado. The breed could also be a good company to the members of the family irrespective of age as it gets too bonded with its masters instantly.

The dog craves capacious places for it needs that amount of space to wallow around comfortably. Even for its long exterior to be comfortable, it would need spaces that fit in the dog and is also conducive for it to be mobile. If you try to coop it in apartments or small houses, it would need regular long walks to make it more flexible and dynamic. There is one thing that the dog needs in dire, which is a company. It cannot be kept without assistance for a long time as it will start looking out for people and become restless gradually. He would also become more jittery and end up doing some mischievous acts with heavy consequences.

They develop a great bond with families which rears it and tries to stay too loyal to them. Any strangers in the house have to be more scrupulous to skirt around the dog as it would pounce if it senses some danger. This would be misconstrued as aggressive behavior for that abrasiveness would look too unbearable. However, it is its fealty that provokes the dog to be feisty and furious in order to protect the members of the family.

Diet and health problems of Lycan Shephard dog:

The diet patterns of Lycan Shephard are not very special or exclusive. It can be as normal as home food but something curated for the dog. If you opt for Keeble, make sure you go for the premium category as the dog needs the classified nutrients to fit its age and size.


Dogs hold a special place in the ecosystem and their presence cannot be discarded for anything. They are close companions of humans and serve their best to fit into our emotive spectrum. Lycan Shepard is one special breed amongst that species that is special in the way its dispositions are wrought. The intelligent breed with a slightly softer side gives the dog a high caliber and stature to captivate and be liked by humans.

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