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7 Smallest Dog Breeds That Will Make You Go Awww

Small dog breeds are the best kind of companions because they can easily adapt to life in an apartment and can be transported without difficulties. While they may be a bit more sensitive when it comes to cold weather and food, the maintenance costs of a small dog are usually very small.

7 Smallest Dog Breeds That Will Make You Go Awww

 If you take good care of your dog, regardless of its breed, most certainly you won’t end up spending too much money on it. So, if you’re looking for cute that won’t grow too much, here is a list with 7 of the smallest dog breeds out there. Take a good look at each breed’s particularities and personality, and decide which one is most suited for you and your family.

Miniature or Toy Poodle 

The Poodle (  is one of the cutest alive, with its button nose, bright eyes, and teddy bear appearance. The miniature or toy version of this dog breed reaches a reduced size in adulthood, so it can be the ideal lap dog. The best part about owning a Poodle is that its soft coat barely sheds.

If you trim and cut it periodically, you’ll worry about dog hair around the house even less. However, even with a haircut, the Poodle should be groomed as often as you can, to avoid the development of knots and diminish the presence of dander.

Also, in spite of its small size, the Poodle has a moderate level of activity. This means that it is a playful dog that won’t hesitate to enjoy games with the children, as long as the kids know how to play safe. It will need daily walks as well, which give it the chance to stretch its legs and burn its energy.


The Chihuahua is the best example of the statement that big surprises come in small packages. This apparently fragile dog is capable of protecting its beloved owner in a fierce manner. It will bark and even attempt snapping anyone that may want to harm its favorite human.

No matter how cute this behavior is, you should not encourage it, as you may end up with a small dog that can be quite a handful and hard to handle. But, when educated correctly, the Chihuahua becomes an extremely loyal and loving companion. Still, you will have to properly protect it during the cold season. You can visit to see lots of useful articles and to find out more details about the breed and its behavior.

Bichon Frise 

There are high chances you will love this bundle of joy with such a nice temper and small size. The Bichon Frise is perfectly happy sitting next to you or playing with the kids, so it’s the ideal family dog. It has a hypoallergenic coat, but it will need trimming and cutting periodically, to maintain a pleasant aspect.

It is a dog that will need to be walked on a daily basis, as it has a moderate activity level, and will require constant grooming. Its rather soft, curly, and puffy coat can get easily tangled, especially on wet weather. But, considering it’s such a small dog, you won’t end spending too much time on this particular activity.

French bulldog 

The Frenchie is, for sure, the clown of the dog world. It has a face that can instantly charm you and a playful character that will bring smiles to your face on a daily basis. This dog is also very intelligent, even stubborn sometimes, but with patience and gentleness, you can convince the Frenchie to do what you want.

Their short hair requires very little maintenance. Although you should be careful when it comes to their menu, as they can easily develop food allergies that can be seen on their skin. Apart from this, French bulldogs are not demanding dogs in terms of expenses, but they might not take alone time too easy.


The Pomeranian is a true teddy bear dog, which keeps its cute puppy appearance even as an adult. Its coat will be longer and denser, of course, but its small stature makes it look like a toy that came to life. They are very loving and friendly, although it is recommended to socialize them starting at an early age.

They can easily fit in a family with children, as long as the children know how to play nice and the Pomeranian pup is used to the presence of children right from the start. A downside of this small dog breed is its tendency to bark a bit too much. But, you can correct this with patience and proper training.

Still, this particular ability to bark at anything that looks suspicious makes them great watchdogs. Seeing a Pomeranian watching its grounds on a window sill is not something unusual. You will immediately know if there’s anything going on outside.

Yorkshire terrier 

This is one of the most appreciated small dog breeds, due to its reduced size and silky smooth coat. If you give the Yorkie a puppy cut, it will look like a pup for the rest of its life. Also, you will love the fact that it barely sheds, having a hypoallergenic coat that is very similar to human hair.

But, do expect to get a rather active dog, as the Yorkie is, after all, a terrier. Thus, you will need to dedicate time for walking it and playing with it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that this dog won’t appreciate time out on the sofa. It loves cuddling next to you, but it also needs to burn its energy somehow.


If your heart melts at the sight of a Pug, you should blame its short and wrinkle muzzle for this. Although this particularity makes them very cute, a short muzzle also means snoring issues. Yes, the Pug can snore at night, which is something you need to consider if you plan to allow the dog in bed with you.

Also, do expect to get a small dog with a rather large character. The Pug is not very well aware of its stature, so it can behave like a large hound, showing signs of bravery and courage, especially in the proximity of other dogs.


Hopefully, our list will allow you to find the best small dog breed for you, so you can enjoy the companionship of the ideal dog. But, even if you do find cute puppies, take into consideration the breed’s particularities in adulthood if you want to make sure the breed suits your lifestyle. Also, always check the dog breeder before purchasing a puppy.

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