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The Insane Growth Of Social Gaming

We live in the advanced period, and in innovative and mechanical devices in our daily routine, it is continually evolving in previous decades, especially recently. Entrenched players were afraid of competitors that can win their money and get all the prizes. But a more significant market of a casino is as more prizes are there.

The Insane Growth Of Social Gaming

It took years when the casino industry came to online gambling.

Fast forward to 2016 and the game industry, with some exceptions, completely capturing online casino, as much as it would be difficult for you to find a large game corporation without an online division.

The growth of playing online games

Social plays shed their label in the field of cottage production in 2009, when they promote the growth of giant Facebook in networks and the silent dreams that millions of people eat by virtual farmers and destroy slender buildings with the help of a cartoon species of birds and a catapult.

And Angry Birds and Farmville were not emissions. The successes in playing online, from slot machines and skill-based puzzles like Candy Crush to crossover eSport megaliths like the League of Legends, paused in this industry and looked at the opportunities that can be found in the market.

Monetization of players: model Freemium

The main part of the proceeds received in social casinos is the purchase of virtual chips.

Despite the fact that this roulette is free of charge daily, chips, players, some users do not want to wait, others want to risk more chips. This is where the word freemium comes in, and players become monetized. Freemium plays are apps or websites that you can play for free, but the user can, if they want, purchase additional items. E.g., buy special clothes, types of food or catapults that you can get only by cash or by playing for a really long time.

Despite the low monetization rate, social casinos are playing and winning, the numbers game thanks to the sheer number of users they attract and the loyalty these players have when it comes to their favorite sites.

Playing online casino

The risk was always attractive, different games were associated with it from ancient times. One of the most common ways to get yourself some adrenaline. To be more precise, it was a gamble. These games were very popular among people for the whole historical period.

Gambling is still widespread among people. In the casino rooms and poker houses now there are flickering lights and expensive hotels. But this is not the only thing that has changed, the new digital era offers new ways of gambling, like online casinos and online slots at slotsplanetonline. The last ten years to the widespread Internet, which makes online entertainment accessible to all. As the popularity of online casinos grows, their goal is to achieve leadership in gambling.

Simply put, the payment line is the designated line in the symbol table. Depending on the app, you may have several paylines selected for each payline, for which you will put an extra bet.

What many beginners are confusing is that they sit in the slot machine, hit, see three symbols in a row and do not win anything. This leads to confusion and frustration, but the error is incredibly easy to fix!

Social games as a marketing tool

For most casinos, creating their own products for social roulette is out of the question, but this does not mean that they can not participate in the benefits of social games.

For many casinos, the real value of social plays does not come from direct monetization. Many casinos do not monetize their social games at all. The value for these operators is the ability to use social games as a marketing tool to attract new customers and maintain regular customers.

The beauty of social playing allows the gambling to choose how they want to deploy it and how deeply they want to invest in social plays, since most social game platform providers can act as a B2B or B2C partner, processing as much or as little as the front and the back end, as the casino wants.

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