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The Importance Of Backing Up Your Data

Gone are the days when people used to have storage rooms with printed documents. Today, everything is stores digital as the internet has taken over the world

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Data

Whether it’s your office data, family photos or your research work, you can store everything on your computers without any worries. The biggest benefit is that data can be transferred easily from one place to another, and with cloud computing you do not even have to transfer any data as it is accessible all around the world.

However, not everything on your computer is safe and secure as computers can often be unpredictable and can crash any time leaving your data unrecoverable.

 To avoid dealing with the loss of important data, which can cause a loss of time, money, you must have a backup of your data. The importance of backing up data is self explanatory, but still given below are six reasons why it is important to backup data.

  1. You’re a Victim of Theft

We are talking about physical theft here. It is normal for laptops or phones to get stolen, and when you lose physical possession of the device, you also lose all the data stored on it, unless you saved it elsewhere.

  1. You Got Attacked by a Virus

Malware include a wide range of malicious programs such as viruses, adware and spyware that threaten your data.

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Data

Recently a virus called Ransomware attacked computers across the world seizing their functions and rendering data inaccessible until the hackers were paid. This virus has been predicted to cause damage of over 11.5 billion dollars by the end of 2019, but authorities are busy in finding a solution to this problem.

Viruses such as Ransomware make it extremely difficult for computers to function properly and cause significant damage to the data. With proper backup you can continue to work even if your computer is under an attack.

  1. You Lost Data Due to an Accident

Accidents can happens and they can cause you to lose data. A very common scenario is computers crashing due to fluctuations. Other than this, it is also normal for liquids to get spilled on the computers, which may cause them to die.

Both these situations can cause a loss of data. Other than this, your device can also get useless if it falls down. This is why you need to have a backup so that you can quickly turn to it in case of a mishap.

  1. You Accidentally Deleted Important Files

Sometimes we end up losing data mistakenly. People often end up deleting files in a hurry without realizing it. This can result in the loss of important data, especially if you emptied the Trash Can as well.

While the best option is to be careful before deleting anything, mistakes can happen. This is why you need backup so that you can quickly get back the file that you lost.

Another option is to use software that can help bring back deleted files, but such software are not always reliable and can often be very expensive as well.

These are just some of the scenarios where you will need to use a backup. But, what if you do not have a backup? How will not having data backup appliance get you into trouble? Let’s have a look:

  1. Loss Of Time

If you do not have a backup, you will have to prepare documents from the scratch, which can cause a delay in work.

  1. Loss Of Image

Not having backup can cause a delay, which can impact a business’s image in a  very negative way.

  1. Loss Of Energy

Doing the whole job again means putting in more effort. This is a wastage that could have been saved with a backup.

  1. Loss Of Money

Not having a backup can cause businesses to lose money due to delays in work and having to pay again to get the job done one more time.

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