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The 5G Technology is Coming. Here’s What You Need To Know

It feels like yesterday when the 4G technology made its way into our lives, but the next generation is already knocking on the door. The fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity promises to offer more reliable internet connection and faster speed for smartphones and any other devices.

5G Technology is Coming

As we live in the digital era, where we feel the constant need to have everything happen at a more rapid pace, we have to keep on growing technologically and keep up with the latest innovations. That’s why by continuing with this article, you can find all the necessary information about the new 5G technology:

What is 5G?

In the very near future, this technology is going to be something that you use constantly, so before getting into details about it, let’s see what it actually is.

The 5G concept combines the cutting-edge network technology with the very last research, and promises to deliver faster internet connection for users. If you wanna see some numbers, think about the fact that the average download speed for a 5GB connection is expected to be around 1Gbps.

When Can We Expect It?

Given the fact that the technology is still under development, specialists say that it is expected to launch across the world around 2020, and it will work alongside the already existing 3G and 4G technologies.

All the big carriers like Verizon or AT&T are testing the technology heavily in some cities around the US. Also, the equipment vendors are constantly preparing for the release, as they keep on producing 5G prototypes that are soon going to make their way into everyone’s laptops, smartphones and tablets.

5G Impact

As you would imagine, once the 5G will be released into the world, it will have a huge impact on the way things work. Here are just some of the ways how the 5G will impact our world:

  • The end of 9 to 5. Well, maybe not the end, but faster speeds and more bandwidth will definitely mean “distributed workforce” for companies.
  • The industry that benefits the most is the automotive industry, given the fact that the 5G technology will play a key role in the self-driving cars technology development.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is going to reach whole new levels.
  • 5G will really benefit industrial automation by enabling and enhancing the critical control of production-line robotics.
  • There will be a huge impact on the healthcare industry, as 5G will make it easier for the healthcare providers to share data and manage it.
  • The concept of ‘smart cities’ will slowly develop and will change the way we conduct most of our activities.
  • When it comes to Australia, 5G will definitely be more expensive than the plans offered by the NBN providers, but it will also perform better for sure.

The new 5G technology is very close and we have to get ready for it. And the first thing that you can do before actually benefiting from it, is to understand how is gonna change the way things work.

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