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The Harm Caused By Construction Waste

Construction waste refers to the waste generated in the process of demolition, renovation, construction, repair and other projects, including waste bricks, waste soil, gravel and so on. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, especially the rise of the real estate industry, urban construction waste is increasing day by day. There is an increasing amount of construction waste generated each year in Pakistan, and these construction wastes account for an increasing proportion of the total amount of municipal waste. Then what will urban construction waste really happen?

The Harm Caused By Construction Waste

The storage of most urban garbage is always random, leaving a lot of security risks. The building site near the construction place has been a space for dumping construction waste.In addition, most urban construction wastes are transported to the outskirts or villages without treatment, occupying a large amount of land, and costing huge amounts of clean-up funds. To make matters worse, people are accustomed to dumping construction waste in the rivers of the suburbs. This not only causes water pollutionbut also reduces the ability of water’sregulation and storage. Besides, it will also lead to a reduction in surface drainage and flood discharge capacity.

The Harm Caused By Construction Waste

Construction waste also has a bad influence on air quality. In the process of waste dumping, a large number of toxic gases are generated, which will be released into the air, thus endangering people’s physical and mental health. For example, the gypsum in construction waste contains a large of sulfate ions, which are converted into hydrogen sulfide with rotten egg flavor under anaerobic conditions. Many other construction wastes such as waste paperboard and waste wood can dissolve the lignin and tannic acid under anaerobic conditions and decompose to form volatile organic acids. This will pollute the atmosphere when they discharged into the air. At the same time, bacteria and dust in the construction waste will drift with the wind, which will also cause air pollution. In addition, a small amount of combustible construction waste will produce toxic carcinogens during the incineration process, causing secondary pollution to the air.

As urban construction waste increases, the number of waste dumps is also increasing. Most of the suburban construction wastes are mainly stored in the open air. In this way, the toxic gases or substances generated during the stacking process will seep into the soil, thus reducing the quality of the soil by physical and chemical reactions. Besides, construction waste contains a lot of heavy metal elements, which slowly penetrate into the soil, increasing the content of heavy metals in crops. In general, the soil has a natural self-purification capacity, but the self-purification capacity of the contaminated soil will be impaired, which seriously reduces its quality. In addition, the smaller gravel blocks in the construction waste will penetrate into the soil, which will also change the material structure of the soil and reduce its productivity.

The Harm Caused By Construction Waste

In addition to having a bad influence on the air and soil, urban construction waste also affects the overall appearance of the city or suburbs, and also affects people’s healthy lives. Therefore, how to deal with these construction wastes has been the most concerned topic among people. On the one hand, the relevant government departments must make clear plans for these construction wastes, and stipulate the quantity of construction waste and the place where it is should be placed. On the other hand, many substances in construction waste can be recycled after being treated. For example, masonry mortar, plaster mortar, concrete cushion, etc. can be used to make building materials such as blocks, paving bricks, and grate bricks. What’s more, it is more appropriate to use some crushing equipment like mobile crushers to handle these construction wastes because construction waste is always concentrated and the site is limited. This type of equipment has a small footprint and can be used for multi-stage crushing of construction waste. At present, there are many crushers on the market, so how to choose a crusher with good performance and high efficiency?

Portable Rock Crusher is a kind of mining machinery that is produced by Hongxing machinery. It is developed by introducing the technology from world-famous mining companies and combining the Chinese actual situation. It adopts the hydraulic system driving crawler to make it run smoothly, and it can also adapt to various complex operating conditions. This machine is widely used in mineral mining, stone mining, high ( railway )and bridge construction, waste treatment for urban construction and other fields. The chassis of portable rock crusher adopts steel ship structure with high strength and it is highly adaptable to different working sites. Besides, the high-power working motor is powerful, safe and reliable. The well-known brand motor is also adapted in order to achieve good performance of the power system with the features of low noise and energy saving, ect.According to different requirements of customers, HXJQ can also provide the different crushing and screening equipment to fully guarantee the quality with the type optimum design. The generator set can is equipped in order to make the machinery work normally under complex situations such as the situation of no power or sudden power off, thus ensuring continuous operation and reducing unnecessary loss.

In conclusion, construction waste has caused great harm to the air, soil, and water. Therefore, relevant government departments should increase the supervision of construction waste and establish a sound system to make workers aware of the harmfulness of construction waste. At the same time, real estate developers who produce construction waste should also be aware of their misconduct and explore ways to reduce construction waste. In addition, they should also make a reasonable budget for building materials in order to avoid excess construction waste. Finally, builders should also tend to choose green building materials and cherish the home we live in because protecting the environment is our responsibility and obligation.

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