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The Growth Of Private Podcasting For Businesses In 2022

The global world has witnessed tremendous growth in private podcasting for businesses in 2022. The trend even continues as more enterprises are delving into digital podcasting solutions. Managers and team leaders now seek better and more engaging internal comms podcast solutions.

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Private Podcasting

Eager to get started? Check out our top 8 private podcasting growth trends for businesses in 2022.

1. Improved sound quality

Quality audio is what keeps employees listening to podcasts at work. Even with an engaging podcast content strategy, you still need excellent recording gadgets to optimize the listener’s experience.

More businesses now understand this fact. Gone are the days when companies publish internal comms pro podcasts without paying attention to the sound quality.

Bad audio quality distracts the audience, and they miss out on crucial information. The employees become uninterested, defeating the initial purpose of higher engagements. Therefore, invest in an excellent podcast microphone, recording stand and reliable hosting platform.

2. Bringing on industry experts on podcast shows

The growth of private podcasting for businesses in 2022 has welcomed the idea of having industry experts as guests on engaging podcasts. It brings fun into the internal communication podcasts instead of having routine episodes by a team member.

The increasing familiarity among staff is good, but listening to an external expert can be more interesting. They offer a different perspective and spark curiosity that draws your workers’ attention.

It can also bring higher listener conversion metrics and usher a better solution to internal team challenges.

3. Happy work environment

No doubt, engaging internal podcasts have proven to fine-tune businesses’ work environments in 2022. Every manager wants to see their employees happy, and that’s what an internal content strategy podcast guarantees.

It bridges the management-employee gap, allowing members to have a shot at voicing their concerns. You can organize an interview podcast session or solo-host series with certain employees as guests. It increases their involvement and makes your staff feel like a part of the system.

You can tweak things a little and modify the podcast series with topics boosting engagement. Just find a podcasting approach that makes your team happy and interested.

4. Engaging communication solutions

Another benefit of the rising private podcasting for businesses trend is how company updates are now passed as convenient and engaging internal comms podcasts. Rather than sending emails that might be left unread, enterprises now use podcasts.

They are more interactive and strengthen personalized relationships across departments. Internal podcasts harness the spoken word to trigger an emotion or the intended tone of specific messages. Your message is passed exactly as you want, and that’s the beauty of podcasting.

Your employees listening to podcasts at work can tell the seriousness of instructional podcasts just from the tone. Frontline and remote workers are also included. Engaging podcast content strategy ensures they are up-to-date on internal company matters.

5. Immersive soundscapes

The excellent use of soundscapes is one sure way of ensuring successful private podcasting for your business. Storytelling is one podcast content strategy that works, and you can fully optimize it by applying an immersive soundscape.

Adding complementary background sound to your private podcast creates a unique listening experience that keeps your employees glued to their headphones. Team members see the content as important rather than compulsory work material.

6. Employee onboarding

Should employees listen to podcasts at work for onboarding purposes? The answer is ‘yes’! Orientation of new employees can be very tasking. You explain the company values, culture, business objectives, and roles and responsibilities.

Now imagine doing that every time you have a new employee. Time-consuming and frustrating if you ask. However, creating an evergreen employee-onboarding employment podcast series solves all that.

Record engaging podcasts to address real-life company situations and everything the new members are expected to know. Think long-term when making the internal podcast since you don’t want to start recording one anytime soon.

7. Data-based decisions

The increasing private podcasting growth has made us witness better decision-making across many businesses. As expected, managers who understand their employees can announce better policies that move the company forward. But how can you do that?

That’s possible through the use of engaging internal comms podcasts at work. You can access top-tier podcasting performance analytics when choosing an excellent hosting platform such as Podbean.

The metrics from the hosting platform provide information such as the number of downloads per episode, the average user engagement with the uploaded content, and time spent can help determine audience preferences. You know what they want and make perfect decisions through the available database.

8. Feedbacks

Another effect of the private podcasting for businesses is the change in conception that podcasts at work are one-way traffic. The employees only listen and can’t contribute to what they think. Well, that’s not completely true.

Just as the CEO enjoys increased interactive access to the employees, it should be vice versa. Workers should also be able to challenge management on certain issues affecting them. A perfect podcast content strategy solution is having interview podcast shows where members of different departments are called upon.

It offers a leverage playing ground for everyone to share team updates or conversations. You can post your content on social media channels to allow discussions on the uploaded podcast and hear feedback.


The continual growth of private podcasting for business is just starting. Even though the numbers are high, they keep rising and are expected to be more very soon. Hence, business managers should utilize the moment to optimize the benefits that come with podcasting.

We have explained these increasing trends, and it’s left for you to measure how your internal comms pro podcast ranks against them.

Now is the time to improve your podcast content strategy and aim for more engaging podcasts. Podcasting is fast becoming the foreseeable future of internal business communications, and it’s only prudent to maximize the opportunity now.


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