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The Great Things about Applying Access Control System by Nedap Security for Companies

Companies may have restricted areas where only a qualified employee can enter it. Commonly, those employees will have an access control system so they can enter the area easier than others. Your company can have the same system by using the service from Nedap Security. Learn the details about this service below.

The Important Role of Using an Access Control System 

The Important Role of Using an Access Control System 

This technology is an electronic security system that all companies should have. The system is used to protect the restricted areas as well as to classify the employees who can enter the areas. They can use an electronic security card to enter the area. This security system has some important roles in your company. For example, the locking system is simpler in which qualified employees don’t have to use keys. They just need to use their access control cards to open the areas. Moreover, access control provides the company with extra protection through an audit trail. The system will scan the card anytime the qualified employees enter the area and a manual key can’t do it.

Types of Protection You Can Set with This System 

This security system is not only to control the person who can enter a particular area but also some others. Let’s say, you can also manage the type of security system for the company such as using a card, badge, PIN, password, fingerprint, or iris. You will also have complete data on who visits the area, time, and any important detail for the auditing process. You can also manage which doors they can access and not. It helps to manage the employees so they don’t enter the wrong areas. They also know their working areas. Even, you can also set the time when they can access the area. When the employees visit the area out of their schedule, they can’t open the door although they have the access card. In this case, the system allows you to manage the conditions where the employees can access the area.

The Use of the Latest Technology 

Your company will use the latest security technology. Nedap Security is using an AEOS technology or an online access control system. It is considered as the first software-based access control system in the world. You can operate the system through a dashboard on a website. The benefit is that you can control and monitor the access anywhere you want. The most important thing is that you can do it easily and fast by using the software. You can connect or integrate this system with a variety of technologies such as video monitoring systems, biometric readers, and many more. Another great thing about this service is the use of an end-to-end security system. This latest system is used to prevent cyberattacks. It will be hard to break the area without access control because this system uses the latest IT principles of encryption and authentication technology.

So, you must protect the precious data or assets in your company. One of the ways is by limiting the employees who can access the area. Access control by Nedap can be a good solution to get extra protection.

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