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The Future of Digital Advertising

When a young man named John Connor was sent on a mission of destroying Skynet we got our first glimpse into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The movie Terminator by James Cameron ushered us into the world of what was possible. The ability to now use machine learning and programmatic advertising is finally here.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is actually just the automation of buying and selling online advertising. With the help of software small business and agencies can leverage big data and machine bidding to effectively drive down marketing cost. It allows marketers to use behavioral targeting to shop their target audience amongst numerous publishing sites and ad exchanges.

Why is Programmatic even important?

Speed and Efficiency. Before programmatic buying existed, digital ads were bought and sold by sales people. This whole process not only was manual but completely slow. With the ability to remove the human element and rely on a machine learning everything became streamlined.

Not that long ago we relied completely on manual insertion orders and lengthy meetings to accomplish something that is now done in a blink of an eye.

Not only does this new way of automated display & video advertising become more time efficient, but it also saved on man-power. People can now focus on the strategy, targeting, and results without having to put additional energy into the actual online bidding.

The Future is Automation 

Is programmatic the future of advertising? Without a doubt, yes! In fact, Google was even doing programmatic buying back in 2014. Which shouldn’t surprise you since Google typically leads the way with any new digital trend.

The ability to leverage big data gives programmatic users the unique opportunity to target their exact online audiences. With the help of behavioral databases marketers can easily define their target audiences while using different programmatic networks and ad exchanges. Behavioral databases allow marketers to now access 3rd party data for more hyper type of targeting.

2 Reasons Why You Need to Go Programmatic Now

  1. The Trends in Digital Spends

One of the first shadows of an emerging trend is the market. Most trends don’t come up overnight and neither did Programmatic. In fact, programmatic spends are expected to be as high 81 billion by 2021 as shown below:

Trends in Digital Spends

The only reason spends are increasing in this new marketing adventure is because of the success that businesses are having within it.

  1. Targeting and Results

With the ability to target based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data marketers can now segment special campaigns strictly around specific audience types. The more niche the audience the better the ad performance could be.

Marketers can now not only target based around unique data points but also leverage behavioral data to achieve better cost per acquisitions.

It’s simple… leverage better data across more networks to get the best targeted audience at the lowest cost. That’s the programmatic way!

Ready to go Programmatic?

Go Florida SEO offers the unique ability to leverage the power of programmatic advertising for any agency or business. Our extensive networks & ad exchanges allow our teams to get the lowest costs. Not only can we target your exact online audience, but we can provide the reporting that gives you the assurance in your media partner.

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After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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