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The Evolving Landscape of Online Marketing in Thailand

The world of online marketing is steadily growing with Thailand being one of the vibrant countries to adopt and apply the ideas of online marketing among Southeast Asian countries. Through increased awareness of social media platforms, increased access to internet-enabled mobile devices, and last but not least, increased online marketing firms, Thailand online marketing journey is moving at great fast impressive speeds. This is a great factor favoring the employment sector and Thailand’s business sector. Discussed below are some of the facts and figures concerning online marketing strides in Thailand.

 Landscape of Online Marketing

Age and Gender Factor

According to a recent survey by Infographic, the largest consumers of internet services tend to be the Millenials and youth averaged at 32 years. The millennials and youth spend the largest time surfing the internet. Thailand is one of the countries with the youngest market for internet users. The Millennials with ages ranging from 12-24 hold an impressive 45.2% followed by young adults ranging from 25-34 years at 29.5%.

Social media is the greatest beneficiary of online usage in Thailand. According to Infographic 2013 report, Instagram became the greatest gainer of new users at 600,00 new users in a year’s period while Facebook still maintains the highest number of users at a bragging 18M. Twitter and youtube earned 54% and 125% growth in 2012-2013 first quarter.

Gender ratio

When it comes to online social media platforms, women in Thailand have recorded impressive records unlike their counterparts in other countries. A good example is Facebook where women lead at 51% and male closely follow at 49%.

As a growing middle-class country, Thailand faces a great amount of internet connection issues especially to the rural populations with about 92.24% of citizens lacking a broadband internet connection. Of the 39% of Thailand citizens utilizing internet services, 75-80% greatly depend on the mobile phones for access. The mobile phone ownership has been greatly growing in Thailand with over 100M Smartphones. This is a great online marketing niche for companies investing in online sales and marketing. China low-cost Smartphones are greatly demanded in Thailand increasing the internet coverage.

Purpose of Internet

Most handset internet consumers use the net for entertainment (social media) and watching videos generally group as self-informative actions than online shopping. When it comes to online shopping, an average range of 50-55 individuals used the internet to view products, juxtapose prices, and make purchase orders.

Online Buying

According to a 2013 report by Ministry of Information and Technology Communication in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, off all the 90% above online buying purchases made on that financial year, an impressive over 90% was through social media platforms. Most successful online marketing firms engaged in online active shops parallel to physical shops in the capital city of Bangkok. With the doubled management requirements, firms can greatly boost their sales through hiring marketing services of Bangkok based SEO company.

According to 2016-2017 revenue data, Fashion products got the highest online sales followed by electronics & media appliances. Air tickets, food, personal care, furniture appliances, toys, and hobby followed in that order.

In conclusion, Thailand is considered a hotcake for investing in online marketing strategies. This is a monthly increase in popularity of internet usage. With the impressive social media coverage, targeting the youths and specifically females by advertising their products can lead to an increase in a firm’s sale. For effective profit, running both online and physical shops will offer massive advantage and not forgetting the effective services of SEO based companies.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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