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The Creative Side of Programming

Conventionally, IT specialists can be divided into several groups. There are those who work only by clear templates, and there are those who create a new product. Someone knows several programming languages and wants to go beyond, therefore in the future, gaining experience and knowledge, create his own unique product, unlike the solutions of competitors, which will probably bring him more profit. And someone can write monotonously in a single programming language, not coming up with his own ideas and trying to follow deadlines, and then the final result is unlikely to be of great value.

Also in programming, there are directions where the work of specialists comes into contact with creativity, like Fuselab Creative UI/UX design company. Or consider a game software developer, where the concept plays a big role. The game software business is based on releasing hits. A game is interesting to the user until he or she has passed the last level, so for a game to be successful, it is important to come up with something special that can keep the user engaged.

The Creative Side of Programming

All in all, you could say that every programmer is creative in his or her own way. Now let’s turn to another aspect and consider where creative people are more comfortable working in a home chair or an office chair.

Freedom for creative people

Every office worker has a schedule to which the workday is subjected. Among the many offices, tasks are having to fill out spreadsheets with daily, weekly, or monthly reports. It’s a measured routine with its own rules that employees must obey.

But there is a type of work task that doesn’t fit into a standard work schedule, such as software development. On the one hand, there is a period of pondering an idea, trying over possible solutions in your mind. That is, a person can spend a week or two or a month studying something without producing any visible result.

There is a period of learning. Due to the very rapid development of the industry, any specialist must constantly self-educate. For example, to develop his own game, a person can play 20 different games, analyze the programming languages in which the game was written, and then create his product. The development process itself takes time. But exactly how much time depends on the person himself and his personal work style.

The working conditions of an IT specialist can be different, for example, some people like to work to loud music, but for some people absolute silence and complete privacy are necessary. Someone, in order to create a unique product, can drink liters of coffee for ten days and with great enthusiasm think over the idea, and then give out a finished idea in just a few minutes. If such a person is limited to the office framework, it is unlikely he will show the same results as he would show when working remotely.

Creative people may have a number of individual characteristics. For example, they can completely avoid communication with people and go on “their own wave”. Intelligent creative work gives a person certain traits that others may consider strange and that go beyond the corporate impersonal standard. Therefore, a technician manager, if he comes from the same environment, will understand all these features and try to take these factors into account in organizing the work of his subordinates, allowing them to work from home.

There is a variation of work (office or remote) aimed at labor efficiency. This phenomenon is becoming more and more popular. For example, employees can work remotely from one to five days a week, agreeing on their schedule with the manager in advance and fixing a list of tasks for the day. Many well-known companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, now work in this format.


Therefore, it is reasonable to put efficiency first place in the work of programmers with a creative mind. If the work schedule affects the quality of the product, it is more reasonable to work from home, if a person feels much more comfortable there.

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