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The Capacity of the Washing Machine: Everything You Need To Know

Many of us could not imagine our lives without a washing machine –this household appliance allows us to take care of the cleanliness of clothing easily and conveniently, so we can have a simpler attitude towards this chore.

However, if you wish for this appliance to satisfy all of your expectations, it is very important to choose the suitable capacity of the washing machine. If the washing machine will be too small, you will have to do the washing more often, and if it is going to be too big – you will be wasting electricity.

So if you wish to find the perfect washing machine, there are several aspects to consider and get settled on any one. Obviously, you must be having numerous questions in mind for this. And hence, the all-in-one answer to your questions is Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine.

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What does the specified maximum load of laundry really mean?

As we can see from the description of the specification, this parameter indicates how much kilograms of laundry can be put in the washing machine for it to wash them effectively. If you follow these requirements, this appliance does not exceed its limit of possibilities, or, in other words, additional energy, water or time is not needed for its operation.

However, it might be helpful to know, that the washing machines with a bigger capacity are bigger and heavier than the models offering smaller capacity, so when choosing the washing machine, you should take the space you plan to spare for this appliance into consideration.

Is the weight specified of wet or dry laundry?

We all know that wet laundry weighs much more and then a question arises, if the specified maximum weight is the weight of wet or dry laundry.  Still, you do not need to worry about this aspect – the specified weight is of dry laundry. Additional load that occurs when the laundry gets wet is already calculated to the efficiency of the washing machine.

How to calculate the capacity of the washing machine that is needed?

We do not usually weigh clothes, so it might be difficult to calculate what capacity would be needed. However, you can follow the formula, so it would be easier to imagine the weight of the laundry: 1 kg of laundry = 5 shirts OR 1 shirt + 1 pair of jeans OR 2 bath towels. Besides, unofficially it is recommended to put half a kilogram less of laundry than the maximum load specified.

When imagining what amount of laundry is usually being washed it is easier to determine what capacity is needed.  However, it should be noted, that these guidelines are only for recommendation, because the materials and the amount of fabrics differ. Nevertheless, this knowledge will at least help you determine the capacity needed. You can find washing machines of various sizes in e-shop – here you will find frequent special offers for washing machines.

Does the washing machine with a bigger capacity cost more?

Everyone wishes that the household appliances would be efficient and also relatively inexpensive – due to this reason the question if the washing machine with a bigger capacity would be more expensive comes to mind. However, it is worth mentioning, that the prices depend on a lot of different aspects, such as functionality, additional possibilities or even brand name, so it cannot be argued that the price depends directly on the capacity. It is not worth saving money here – better look for an ongoing special offer on a washing machine and purchase an appliance that fully meets the expectations.

When taking all of this information in regard, it should be easier for you to decide what capacity is most suitable for your family. But you should focus on this aspect when making a choice – there are much more parameters you might want to consider!

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