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7 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

Most people use mobile phones everyday, in fact, most of us would probably find it hard to remember times we didn’t own one. Mobile phones have become such an integral part of our everyday lives that we use them without thinking about them too much. However, if you take time to look into the history of this amazing device, you will discover lots of unexpected facts about it. Who would have thought something as common as a mobile phone could be so full of surprises?

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Here are some interesting facts we bet you didn’t know till now:

  • The first time ever someone used a mobile phone was back in 1973, during an experiment at a science lab. Yes, our beloved communication device is nearly 50 year sold already! The phone used on that particular occasion was a Motorola Dyan TAC, the ancestor of all mobile phones.
  • The most expensive smartphone for sale so far was made by Apple. The gorgeous black-diamond-coated iPhone is worth a whopping $15.3 million.
  • There is actually a mental disorder, called nomophobia, related to cellphones. Nomophobia is the fear of being out of cell phone signal coverage area. It’s rather serious – people suffering from this disorder experience a high degree of anxiety if they cannot receive or make calls using their mobiles, and if prolonged, this state could possibly lead to a long lasting mental damage.Yet some people argue that this is a normal reaction and the word “phobia” is too strong.
  • Some people actually favor old school mobile phones over smartphones! No doubt, partly because they are simply nostalgic, however, old school phone lovers claim that good old cell phones have quite a few advantages compared to their modern counterparts. They are much more shock-resistant (an old Nokia is unbreakable, some faithful fans say), have long battery life, feature all the necessary functions (call, texting, alarm clock, calculator – what else do you need?) and none of the unnecessary distractions that steel your time. Quite a few online stores, such as, still sell old fashioned phones, in case you’ve been convinced.
  • Almost all the smartphones in Japan are waterproof. This feature caught on in Japan before anywhere else and has become a norm. And this happened not because it pours down heavily in parts of Japan during the rainy season. It’s because people, particularly women, are so addicted to their smartphones, that they take them even to shower!
  • According to findings of one survey, 60% of total iPhone users who participated in the study say that, unbelievably, they would prefer to die rather than give up their phone, and 40% of iPhone users would find it easier to can give up their coffee than their precious smartphones. Finally, 18% of all the respondents (once again, iPhone users) wouldn’t mind stop bathing, if only they could keep their smartphones!
  • Apparently, modern technologies are more important than basic home facilities. Today, more people on our planet have mobile phones than toilets.
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