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The Blurry Line Between Gaming And Gambling

Not long ago, gaming was synonymous with being goofy or a nerd. The gamers then spare no expense in acquiring dedicated consoles, software and acquire gaming skills, which makes them different from the rest of us.

The Blurry Line Between Gaming And Gambling

That was before the proliferation of computers, smart devices and the internet made all types of games accessible to everyone. The ever-innovative online gambling industry saw the enormous opportunity and wasted no time in blending gaming and gambling.

These days, using both terms interchangeably is common as it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between gaming and gambling. One will be leaving a lot of information out, mentioning one without the other.

The similarity of gaming and gambling makes the line blurrier

The apparent difference between gaming and gambling is you spend money to gamble and gaming is supposedly free. But it goes deeper than that. Game developers have devised ways of getting gamers to buy tools to enhance their gaming ability and maximize their experience.

 That makes the line between gaming and gambling blurrier than the earlier definition. Some game developers offer incentives such as loot boxes, which is technically a form of gambling. The similarity view becomes more apparent when you add the fact that both types of entertainment reward the brain system with dopamine, which is the root of addictions.

What makes modern-day gaming another form of gambling?

It is easier to view gambling in the light of casino operations, but most of the gaming entertainment that goes under the radar of the regulatory bodies is technically gambling. They give the players the same emotional rush of gambling, but this time without a monetary reward.

In the case of a popular Fortnite game, players spend a lot on loot boxes to get exclusive items with no guarantee of getting them and no refund. The content of loot boxes of the games, which the players either buy or get as rewards for their progress, for instance, are random.

The logic and sometimes the gameplay is similar to slot games, but often with no age restriction. Some legislative bodies have started declaring loot boxes as gambling, and have started restricting the sales of video games to persons below the age of 18. Minnesota was one of the first states or countries to take such a step.

Though the game developers claim the players don’t have to make in-game purchases if they don’t want, they are merely items the players choose to buy if they want to advance or make the game more entertaining. To some extent, they are right, but the statistics show the gaming industry is profiting a great deal from in-game purchases. A whooping for $4 billion profit was made from in-game purchases of popular games such as COD, Hearthstone and Candy Crush Saga in 2017.

How Online gambling industry is adjusting to new trends

When it comes to the application of new technology trends, the online gambling industry has proven time and time again that it has the will to explore. While riding on the waves of the internet, smartphones, and computers, the online gambling industry is building its success by providing online casino games.

Like other businesses, online casinos had to adjust their operations to meet the millennial gamers’ needs. It is also trying to keep up with the ever-changing trend of this demographic, especially with the oldest Generation, who are now eligible to gamble, joining the fold. These groups have unique gambling-related needs, which are quite different from the land-based visiting baby boomers.

In addition to playing remotely at their convenience via their high-tech device, online casinos are optimizing their platforms to be not only user-friendly but also accessible on all types of devices, regardless of the size. Now, almost all types of traditional casino games can be enjoyed on a Smartphone, all thanks to the tech-loving millennials.

At first, it was hard for the first online casinos to attract the millennials who grew up playing Xbox and Nintendo with great graphics with crisp audio, highly entertaining gameplays and skill-building. The leap improvement in the user-interface of online casinos and more skill-relevant games provides the younger with something that can connect with, finally.


Whether the reward is money or a rush of adrenaline, gambling is a pastime that can be used as an escape from our day-to-day routines. However, it is essential to put measures in place to protect the vulnerable, especially the kids, from exposure to all forms of gambling. It matters little if it is gaming, gambling or a converging service; the key for eligible adults is to play responsibly.

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