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Which Industries Could Really Appreciate the Help of Linear Actuators Technology?

Linear Actuators Technology

Linear actuators are used in almost all industries. However, while in some fields, they just make our lives and work more comfortable, in others, they have moved the entire application field to a completely new level. For instance, if we speak about:

  • Medicine;
  • Robotics;
  • The packaging industry;
  • Industrial automation;
  • Agriculture;
  • Military

    You can see that these are the fields that are changed completely with the development of electric linear actuators. Absolutely different models of actuators are applied, from mini-actuators and to heavy-duty actuators, such as a pa-17 model. Now, let us have a look at the ways how linear actuators have changed some industries forever.

Linear Actuators in Medicine

Medicine takes one of the main aspects of our lives. With the invention of linear actuators, medicine has moved to a completely new level. Electric actuators have all the features that are crucial to medical applications:

  • The top precision level of movement;
  • Safety and accuracy;
  • No need in maintenance;
  • Linear actuators are easy-to-manage and provide a smooth movement.

The most popular applications of actuators are in medical furniture. Height-adjustable surgical tables allow adjusting the surface to the needed height. Patient beds are a great mechanism to make disabled patients or those who are recovering from a surgical intrusion to be more independent in climbing from a bed and onto it.

Robots in medicine deserve special attention. Tiny actuators are used to move robotic arms. They made it possible to perform some intrusions with only a couple of tiny incisions. Now, the system has improved significantly and used for a variety of the most complex surgeries. New robotic systems are developed, too.

Linear actuators are used also to create prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons. With them, people who have lost a limb or who are suffering from a brain of back injury or another condition that influences motoric can get a chance for a more convenient life.

Industrial Automation with Linear Actuators

The main target of the modern industry is an increased productivity level. Therefore, new technologies are developed constantly to increase the productivity level. Actuators belong to one of such technologies.

Linear actuators have all the features needed for industry automation:

  • They provide the needed movement accuracy: a linear actuator movement can be managed with the top precision. It is especially important in the packaging and manufacturing industries.
  • Their management is easy: with a click of a button, you can make the actuator systems move and perform the pre-programmed actions. They are easy-to-adjust to specific working conditions.
  • Electric actuators do not require maintenance: they are pre-lubricated. No liquids are used to produce the movement.
  • They are safe to the environment and people: electric actuators do not contain any liquids. Thus, one shall not be worried because of possible leakages that can pose a danger to the environment and people`s health and lies.
  • They have a long service life. Even though the initial investment might be slightly higher, their extended service life makes them beneficial.

Actuators for industrial applications can replace people in dangerous or unfavourable conditions or when the performance level is needed that a human cannot provide. For example, actuators can be applied for performing soldering works or be used in the environments where work of people becomes difficult or impossible, for example, in extremely cold or humid areas. In such conditions, actuators allow to automate most procedures and thus, facilitate the work for people.

Linear Actuators Are Indispensable in the Military

Electric linear actuators have found their niche in the military industry. These items are used in all the military applications:

  • On land;
  • In the air;
  • At sea.

Actuators with specific features are selected to be applied in every single case. For example, those items used for marine shall have the highest IP rating. Due to the specifics of their operation, the absence of maintenance needs is also one of the significant benefits.

Linear Actuators Are Indispensable in the Military

Electric actuators for application in the air shall be safe and resistant to harsh changes in temperature and other unfavourable conditions. These items do not have any inflammable liquids and thus, they can be used in potentially explosive or flammable environments.

Repeatability is one more feature that matters in military applications. Electric actuators can repeat the same movements many times. This feature allows to use them for opening and closing valves, adjust arms, and similar.

Autonomous vehicles and robots are built based on actuator systems. This mechanism types can be pre-programmed to perform specific functions or controlled from a significant distance. They can explore places dangerous to humans. Such machines are used not only in the military but for surveillance purposes, too.

Electric Actuators in the Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most demanding industries. Therefore, any automation is welcomed. Electric linear actuators are widely used in all the applications used for agricultural activities. Spreaders, tractors, harvesters – all these machines are built with the application of linear actuators. These items provide enough power to perform heavy agricultural works and can work in harsh conditions in the open field.

Final Thoughts

Electric linear actuators help people everywhere. They make our homes more comfortable and functional. These items are used to construct robots that perform surgical intrusions in a more efficient and less damaging way. Actuators help to perform challenging works where people are either putting their health and life in danger or cannot provide the needed efficiency level. wherever you look, everywhere you will find linear actuators.

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