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The Biggest Trends of Document Control Software in 2022

Every organization aims to have stronger access control, improved compliance, enhanced quality control, streamlined information, and transparency of information. Having a document control process in place is paramount to achieving this goal. Document management has always been critical for business operations. However, the present document control methods are entirely different from what they were a decade ago. Various trends have emerged when it comes to document control software.

Document Control Software

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has a positive impact on the document management system. First, it ensures that documents are available all the time. It provides ease of access. With cloud computing, an individual does not need to worry about accessing information from a specific computer at a specific time. Instead, to access information, all one needs is an internet connection. Cloud computing also supports scalability.

Smarter Automation

One of the most intriguing elements of the document control system is robotic process automation. It automates and standardizes recurring organizational activities using specialized computer programs known as software robots. The software robots mimic human tasks and try to imitate them. The system records changes in actions, after which the robots copy them. The system is designed to take over mundane tasks so that individuals do not have to perform them.

Artificial Intelligence in Document Control System

Many major organizations hire specialists and experts to retrieve or mine data for insights. However, with artificial intelligence, organizations do not have to rely on data scientists or data miners. Artificial intelligence tools have made it easier for organizations to manage papers. Artificial intelligence tools can make searching easier by using proper keywords and voice searches. By making searching considerably easier, artificial intelligence enables professionals to concentrate on their jobs rather than wasting time and effort searching for documents.


Social media demonstrates the advancements in technology. Social media has transformed how individuals use the internet, communicate, purchase things, and much more. Social media has enabled individuals across the world to communicate and connect easily. Social media has also become integrated into the business world. Social technology can also be integrated into the document management system. The users can now easily leave likes and comments and conduct the search for files.

Mobile-friendly Apps

The majority of people in the world are using smartphones. They spend a lot of time throughout the day using their smartphones. Professionals do not stay in one place. They remain in motion, but they need constant access to important files. The document control software needs to be accessed from mobile devices and apps.


These document control trends provide a glimpse of the future of document management software. These trends make document management far superior to any other form of document control system. Organizations require up-to-date document control software and reject outdated software in favor of integrated, user-friendly solutions. If any organization is stuck with an obsolete document management system, it should consider using a document control system by ETQ to remain ahead of the competition.


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