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The Best Tips for Fighting Anxiety

To fight and overcome anxiety, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle and adopt some strategies that can make the approach to small or big daily inconveniences “softer” and make you look to the future more confidently.

The Best Tips for Fighting Anxiety

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Anxiety can be managed through 4 elements:

1. Acquire awareness

To combat anxiety and deal with stress, it is essential to become aware of our bodies and what we are feeling, learning to recognise the signals sent by our bodies. Stopping to analyse and understand the emotions we are experiencing allows us to downplay the situations that cause us anxiety. Often, a problem that seems enormous is significantly reduced when looked at from the proper perspective.

2. Learning to ask for help

In situations of high stress and anxiety, it is necessary to ask for support from friends, family and colleagues. Sharing and open and honest discussion are, in fact, among the best remedies for relieving pressure, recovering energy and giving things the right weight. Listening to the advice of those who love us, getting a different view and an objective opinion can help us to see things (and problems) from a different point of view.

3. Give yourself time

It is essential to dedicate exclusively to oneself, even a few minutes. We can listen to music, go for a simple walk, and treat ourselves to dinner with friends: the important thing is to carve out a moment to unplug and find some serenity.

4. Exercise

Sport and exercise, more generally, have a powerful anti-stress effect. If done regularly, exercise helps us produce more endorphins, which give us feelings of pleasure, gratification and happiness, helping us to counteract the unpleasant consequences of stress and anxiety. To decrease tension levels, performing rhythmic, low-intensity exercises, such as walking or cycling, for 20-30 minutes a day is sufficient.

Here are some extra tips to fight anxiety:

1. Sleep regularly to combat anxiety

– Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night

– Keep regular rhythms: go to bed every day at about the same time

– If stress disturbs your sleep, refer to your doctor

2. Nutrition: eat healthy, light and regular meals

– Give preference to fruit, vegetables and fresh foods rich in essential vitamins and micronutrients:

– Avoid eating when nervous

– Do not overindulge in sweets and snacks after meals

3. Physical activity

– Exercise regularly, alone or in company: relieves tension and relieves nervousness

– Daily movement increases self-esteem and promotes sleep at night

4. Life in the open air

– Being outdoors and in nature as much as possible

– Treating yourself to an outing at least once a week or taking a walk, reading or doing sport in a city park helps you relax

5. Social life

– Socialise, create new relationships and nurture affection

– Trying to participate in shared activities and projects helps to feel less lonely and reduces anxiety

6. Taking a break

In times of stress and anxiety, stop what you are doing and take a break to clear your mind and reorganise your thoughts and emotions.

– When possible, take a hot bath or shower with aromatic salts or cleansers

7. Talk about your problems

Talk about your problems and fears with friends and family who are willing to listen, and avoid spending time with people who are unwelcoming/empathetic, difficult or unnerving

8. Being positive

Adopting a positive attitude towards life is key!

– Making use of mindfulness strategies: an approach that helps overcome negative moods, becoming fully aware of them and learning to accept and live them for what they are, with the certainty that, sooner or later, they will pass

9. Use CBD as a natural product

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