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The Best Tech Gifts for Him

It is hard to come up with the best gift for your male friends. But, you will find that you will never go wrong with tech gadgets. We know for sure that they would love some classy headphones for their Xbox and best casino online gaming. Here are even better gifts that you can buy for him this holiday season.

Best Tech Gifts for Him

MyZone MZ-Switch Heart Rate Monitor

This is for that friend who is a fitness fanatic. Even if you aren’t, this fitness tracker is equipped for anything. The MZ-Switch monitors your pulse rate to determine how hard you’re working during your workout. Its distinctive feature is that it could be inserted into several straps to measure your pulse rate from your wrist, arm, or chest. It’s also waterproof, so there aren’t many activities that it won’t be able to record.

Sonos Roam

Sonos’ latest offering is as elegant and robust as you’d anticipate, with great quality and the type of toughness you’d anticipate from a portable speaker. Additionally, it is also drop-resistant and water-resistant up to three feet which is equivalent to thirty minutes. It has a 10-hour battery capacity. But the most striking feature is the Trueplay tuning. This adjusts the audio of the Roam to your environment and whatever it is you’re doing.


No one ever thought that it is possible to cycle in your home. But, that came to fruition and the tech gurus have even moved to row gadgets as well, all thanks to Hydrow. A 22-inch touch screen with front-facing speakers displays exercise regimens and all the metrics you need to measure your progress just like slots online real money progress. The gadget also allows you to exercise with other rowers. With an ergonomically padded 10-roller system backrest, it’s silent and comfy as well. Rowing is supposed to use 86 percent of the muscles in your body, and this is true.

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