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The Best New Healthy Chocolate Companies

Dark chocolate is packed with different health benefits essential for building the body and treating different symptoms. If you want to lose weight, dark chocolate can help you monitor your eating habits since it works by suppressing your appetite. Also, the high concentration of flavonoids in the cocoa helps in improving the heart functioning and clear the digestive issues. The production of quality and healthy chocolate would not be possible without reliable and efficient manufacturing companies in the world. Some of the best new healthy chocolate manufacturing firms in the world are;

The Best New Healthy Chocolate Companies

●    Minneapolis’s K’UL Chocolate

  • The company is wholly fresh since it was started a year and a half back. According to the co-founder of the company, their chocolates are made or essential for people who want a quick snack to bite maybe in the day or as they move. Other than the health benefits found on this chocolate, it has been recommended for improving one’s mental function and helping one stay healthy. The Minneapolis’s chocolate is made with cocoa powder, energy boosting ingredients such as the maca which is useful for keeping your body and mind active plus guarana essential for improving your digestive system performances.

●    Zenbunni Chocolate Companies

  • This is a chocolate company ran by a couple Zen and Bunni. The couple’s business is based on Toppings in California and is well known for making the best and pure chocolate from the cocoa beans. The company first made their dark chocolate from the biodynamically grown cocoa beans plucked from a tree truck in Venice city. The healthy chocolate contains all the right minerals required in the body such as the magnesium and calcium plus the cocoa they use in making the chocolate has around 40 antioxidants. Now due to the high demand for their chocolate worldwide, the company has started to source their cocoa beans from other outside countries to increase their productions. Their chocolate is sold raw, and apart from the cocoa powder, the chocolates are also infused with essential oils, adaptogenic roots and even antibacterial Bulgarian rose that keeps the digestive system functioning well after eating the chocolate.

●    Karolina Palmer

  • Karolina is a private chef and nutritional advisor who came up with her brand of healthy chocolate. Her chocolates are healthy since they only contain healthy herbal ingredients and no artificial sugars are added to the chocolate. She stated that her chocolate is tasty but does not have any added sugar since she uses mulberries for sweetening in place of sugar. Apart from the mulberries and cocoa powder, her chocolate also consists of other health soothing herbs that keep the body and mind active all the time.

●    Superfoods

  • Superfoods is a chocolate making company ran by Valerie. The company has been existing for the last seven year. Valerie at first had partnered with an architectural designer whereby she made sweet bites for customers as gifts. But, with time people realized the health benefits that these chocolates had once they ate them which led Valerie to produce more chocolate to curb the rising demands of her chocolate. The chocolates are made of pure cocoa with added milk and other ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds.

The above is the world leading companies that are known to manufacture healthy and pure chocolate from cocoa. From the reviews, we can see that their chocolates are made with natural plants and fruits to provide energy to the body too. Research on the internet to learn how to buy these chocolates from different outlets near you

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