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The Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women go through various changes from getting fitting clothes to having a comfortable sleep. Getting a good sleep is very important when one is pregnant but it is not easy to sleep well as the pregnancy progresses. The bulge makes it difficult to sleep comfortably and since the body is still going through various changes a woman constantly thinks about the birth of the child. It is crucial to get a good mattress if you are pregnant as it will alleviate all physical hurdles that stop you from sleeping well.

Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

The body changes so much during pregnancy and as the baby keeps growing in a woman’s body. The woman needs to make sure that she gets the best support when sleeping and that she also sleeps well. There are positions that a woman can sleep in and she must get a lot of sleep so that she can have enough energy to go on working or getting ready for child birth. If the mattress that you are sleeping on is more than ten years old, you should consider replacing it. A more firm mattress may offer you the necessary support needed by your body especially across the middle since it is the lower spine and the hips that need more support when one is pregnant. If your budget does not allow you to get a new mattress, you can consider getting a mattress topper which will offer you an additional comfort layer. A memory foam topper is the ideal one to buy since its foam will mold onto your body no matter how often you keep changing your sleeping position.

The three leading types of mattresses that you can find at include latex. It is not advisable to use a latex mattress during pregnancy. This type of mattress is indented by weight of the body and it creates ruts hollows which will force the person to sleep in a certain position. Pregnant women require both support and comfort and they must be able to sleep in a position that they feel is the most comfortable.

The second type of mattress is the spring mattress. Spring mattresses do not create hollows ruts that much but they are not optimal when it comes to supporting a pregnant woman because their degree of firmness varies.

The third type of mattress is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are capable of mirroring one’s body shape and posture and form cradle when the person is sleeping. These mattresses offer a perfect balance of support and comfort for a pregnant woman adapting to her changing shape.

However when the baby is born, sleeping may be interrupted for a certain period of time. If that is your first birth and you are not experienced in waking up several times at night your system will get shocked and it is important that you have a comfortable mattress in order to get enough sleep. With a good and supportive mattress you will not keep on turning and tossing trying to gain back your sleep. You will sleep comfortably and you will feel much better and broken nights will not bother you at all.

Lastly, you must also consider the environmental factors that are involved in the manufacturing of a mattress. Most mattresses are made from cotton and some other material that have been treated with pesticides. There are also other chemicals used in mattresses in order to meet the specified standards of flame retardant bedding. All these chemicals produce toxins which are dangerous to pregnant women. In this case, you should consider a mattress made from natural materials.

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