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The Best In Home Gadgets That Can Help Make Life Simple

People just have this instinct to make things easier for them. We always find ways to make things that we do everyday become simpler and easier. As result, we have created some ingenious products which can make our daily lives less complicated.

The Best In Home Gadgets That Can Help Make Life Simple

We now have portable chargers for juicing our phones with power to last the day, smart TVs that allow you to stream the latest episode of your favorite TV show in case you missed it, and trackers that allows you to find your lost keys and many more. These are all because of technology that we are now able to enjoy a much less complicated and modern life.

But with so many gadgets that are coming out every year, it’s hard to figure out which one you really need for your home. To help you out, below are some of the best home gadgets that you’ll find very useful and are worth buying right now.

Smart Speaker

When it comes to wireless smart speakers, the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Dot are usually the first ones that comes into mind. But who needs Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, when Google Home is now available? The Google Home is a smart speaker and  powered by one of the most intelligent AIs right now, the Google Assistant, which is way better than Amazon’s Alexa. Although it still needs to catch up with the Amazon Echo in terms of its features, the Google Home is evolving pretty quickly and has the potential to be the go-to home command center in the near future. You have Google Home do anything for you like playing some music or videos, make a reminder and even set an alarm for you!

Internet-TV Streaming Device

This is a very useful product that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows on any of your streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku and NVIDIA Shield TV. All of these have unique features but all devices are capable of streaming your favorite TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Sling TV, Showtime Anytime, WatchESPN, and many more!

 Smart Light

A smart home will never be complete if it has no smart lighting. Smart light allows you to control your home’s atmosphere using your Android or iOS devices. You can turn your smart light on and off from almost any part of your house. There are even some smart light bulbs like the Philips Hue that has plenty of colors to choose from. You can change the color of the light depending on what you want or the mood you’re in. You can have your lights shine brightly or choose to have it in dim – you can basically change everything through your fingers.

Smart Item Tracker

Smart item trackers are devices that allow you to track your most commonly misplaced items like keys, smartphones and wallet. These trackers usually use Bluetooth signal for you to track the lost item. All you have to do is to attach the tracker to an item, for example, your keys and track it using your Android or iOS device. Some of the best examples of smart item trackers includes XY3 3rd Gen Item Finder and MYNT Tracker.

Smart Security Camera

The Best In Home Gadgets That Can Help Make Life Simple

Smart security camera allows you to monitor your home even if you are away. Even if you are on the other side of the country, you can make sure that everything inside your home is okay – thanks to these smart security cameras. These cameras will give you a live video feed of your home which you can watch straight from your Android or iOs device. You can literally watch this real-time video feed anywhere just as long as you have stable internet connection. This technology will make you feel safe even if you are going to leave your home for a couple of days. The EPEX WiFi Camera and the Nest Cam are some of the ideal smart security cameras available on the market right now.

Smart alert monitor

The smart alert monitoring device is perhaps one of the most practical smart devices ever produced. This device allows you to monitor things like fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases in your home. Once any alarm goes off, it will immediately send a notification to your Android or iOS device, telling you that you need to go home right away. There are a lot of smart alert monitoring devices available on Amazon with the Leeo Smart Alert™, as a prime example for it. We hope you enjoyed this article from Appliance Reviewer.

The Best In Home Gadgets That Can Help Make Life Simple

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