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The Best DIY Belt-Driven Ceiling Fans You Can Buy Right Now

A diy belt driven ceiling fan is an emerging category of ceiling fans that has an antique and traditional look to it. These fans add to the beauty of the interior décor and also quite reasonable if selected prudently.

People like to have such fans in their living rooms or even in the outdoors to promote historical significance. But there is more to that, they are also energy-friendly, as they consume less energy as compare to the traditional fans.

The Best DIY Belt-Driven Ceiling Fans You Can Buy Right Now

However, selecting and installing of these belt driven ceiling fans must be done carefully. The belt and pulley installation can be messy sometimes but it is done right you will get the vintage vibes in your décor.

How does a DIY Belt Driven Ceiling Fan work?

The diy belt driven ceiling fan took the form of technology in the 20th century. It consists of a motor, belt, pulley and a ceiling fan with a single or set of blades. The motor is connected to the fan with the help of belt and pulley for proper functioning.

As the motor moves the belt the fan starts to rotate. To eliminate the noise, the motor is installed far from the room on the wall or a ceiling. Normally, we get to see a single motor is attached to one fan but that is not a hard and fast rule.

You can also connect multiple fans with one motor which has the capacity to rotate them all. By doing so, you are being able to utilize less energy, providing eco-friendly environment.

When Having the Belt Driven Ceiling Fan is the Right Option?

If you are into vintage décor, like to have your home that sort of vibes then belt-driven would be the right choice. Moreover, if you do not have access to the electricity connection then besides remodeling your house you can get these fans installed in the available space.

 Though they are expensive in price, people who like to have world-class experience tend to lean over these products.

How Efficient the Belt Driven Ceiling Fans are?

Belt-driven fans are mainly preferred for their design, whereas, there functionality is below average. They provide quite less air movement as compared to the standard ceiling fans. So, if you have a larger space and you are planning to install these fans then we would recommend you to do that.

If you are looking for the best belt-driven ceiling fan then we got your back.

1. Fanimation – Belt Driven Ceiling Fans Cheap

Although, the belt0driven ceiling fans are expensive normally but to make it convenient for you, Fanimation has brought the most economical product. This belt-driven ceiling fan has 5 pounds weight with the dimensions like 6 x 6 x 9.9 inches. It uses power up to 120 volts and comes with a control remote. Most importantly, it offers one year warranty.

However, the set of blades and motor needs to be purchased separately.

2. Quorum – Indoor Ceiling Fan with Weathered Oak Blades

Fancy belt-driven ceiling fans are always what make the indoor look fascinating. The Quorum – Indoor Ceiling Fan with Weathered Oak Blades is the best-looking ceiling fan with 15 blades. As they can be used for indoors only, the manufacturers assist you by providing light kit adaptation and wall control.

Furthermore, its dimensions include 72″ Blade Sweep, 30-Degree Blade Pitch, 6″ Down rod. It has a motor with DC-165L. Along with that, it uses 23 watts of electricity.

DIY Belt-Driven Ceiling Fans vs. Standard Ceiling Fans

Both the DIY belt-driven and standard ceiling fans are solely manufactured to provide cooling in the hot summers. However, both of them differ in their functioning and installation procedure. If you not concerned about having a traditional look, then opting standard fans would be beneficial as long as you have the access to the connection.
On the other hand, the belt-driven ceiling fans are preferred for their design and installation can still be done even if there is not connection access inside the walls.


If you like to collect antique and tend to have vintage vibes around you then opting for DIY belt-driven ceiling fan would be a great idea. Before purchasing them you must keep in mind that they require certain procedure to get installed and specific spacing as well. After assessing those, by reading the content above you will be able to find the best product for your place! Some of the products are mentioned above; you can also check them out.

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