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Thanksgiving Day 2014 Thanksgiving Day Delicious Menu Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to offer our thanks to the almighty for all the blessings of the good harvest and all good deeds happened in the preceding year. On this occasion several mass prayers and special thanksgiving ceremonies are conducted where people together worship the almighty for his grace. And the Thanksgiving Feast remains one of the major attractions of the event that comprises of an exclusive Thanksgiving Menu.

The Thanksgiving Menu 2014 consists of traditional as well as contemporary food items that create a perfect environment for the celebration. The traditional Thanksgiving menu consisted of venison, boiled potatoes, boiled pumpkin, berries, milk, etc. Whereas, nowadays the grand Thanksgiving menu includes roasted Turkey, breads, desserts, pastries, cranberry sauce, and much more along with the traditional menu.

On the eve of the Thanksgiving Day, people invite family and friends together and organize grand feasts exchange Thanksgiving Gifts, sing Thanksgiving songs, wear Thanksgiving costumes and celebrate the event with shear enthusiasm. If you are about to organize a similar feast and are searching for a well customized Thanksgiving Menu, the below list will definitely help you for the same!

The Best Customized Thanksgiving Menu for 2014

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Thanksgiving Menu for Breakfast

  • The Pumpkin Pie French Toast: Pretty easy to make and always good, the Pumpkin Pie French Toast is one of the best Thanksgiving breakfast recipes. All you need is some pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spices in the batter. You can check out the detailed recipe here.
  • Mexican Baked Eggs: If you have a special taste towards the Mexican flavors and carving towards eggs, the Mexican Baked Eggs will be an ideal Thanksgiving breakfast menu item for you. Easy to make and awesomely delicious you can find a detailed Mexican Baked Eggs recipe here.
  • Apple Pie French Toast: What would be more amazing than some granny smith apples in caramel sauce along with candied walnuts as a topping! The Apple Pie French toast is one of the best and widely prepared recipes for the Thanksgiving breakfast menu. You can find its detailed recipe here.
  • Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oatmeal: Thinking of something healthy and nutritious? What would be a better option than some pumpkin and oatmeal? Easy to prepare Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oatmeal for a perfect breakfast option on the eve of Thanksgiving. You can find its detailed recipe here.

Thanksgiving Appetizer Menu

  • Nachos: This is one of the most favorite family appetizers. Easy to prepare and great to serve late morning, early afternoon or early evening, this becomes the best dish to savor while watching the Thanksgiving programs or football games on the television.
  • Cranberry Salsa with Cream Cheese: This is a perfect way to serve Cranberries on the eve of Thanksgiving! All this appetizer needs is finely chopped berries mixed with onions, jalapeno peppers, cilantro leaves, lemon juice, ginger and sugar. Refrigerate this for approx. 4 hours and then serve it on cream cheese.

Thanksgiving Soup Menu

  • Butternut Squash Soup: A lovely soup that is perfect for you Thanksgiving feast is made out of butternut squash, apples, vegetable or chicken stock, and spices. Easy to make and deliciously awesome, the Butternut Squash Soup is ideal for your Thanksgiving soup menu.
  • Tomato Crab Bisque: This is one of the best crab bisques to taste garnished with chunks of crabmeat. All you need to make this is crabmeat, tomatoes, fresh basil, clam juice, V8 vegetable juice, unsalted butter, lemon juice, pepper sauce and spices.

Thanksgiving Main Course Menu

  • Turkey with Stuffing: The Thanksgiving feast cannot be completed without a roasted Turkey. Time consuming yet delicious to the core, Turkey with stuffing is one of the best Thanksgiving lunch recipes to prepare. You can find the detailed recipe for roasting the Turkey with stuffing here.
  • Roasted Lamb in Coffee Sauce: If you are small family for an entire Turkey, the other option for Turkey with Stuffing you will love is the Roasted Lamb in coffee sauce. All you need is already boned and tied leg of lamb and some good coffee beans. Check out the detailed recipe here.
  • Porchetta: An Italian style to roast the pork, Porchetta is seasoned with spices and slowly roasted until tender. This would be definitely one of the best Thanksgiving menu items to include as very few know about this. You can find a detailed recipe of Porchetta here.
  • Greek Style Roast Leg of Lamb: A perfect Greek cuisine with heavy use of fresh herbs and fresh lamb marinated in a mixture of mustard, paprika, lemon juice, thyme, rosemary and oregano. You can even fry some potato wedges with lemon juice and oregano as toss it alongside the well roasted lamb. Find the detailed recipe here.

Thanksgiving Dessert Menu

  • Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cake: End your Thanksgiving feast with a super delicious Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cake. Prepared using cracker crumbs, bitter-sweet chocolate, semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate, sugar and spices, the dessert will no doubt win the hearts of all your guests.
  • Apple Crisp Pizza with Caramel Sauce: Made using tender apples and cinnamon with a rolled oat crumble topping and served in a pizza style, the Apple Crisp Pizza with Caramel Sauce is another mouthwatering Thanksgiving dessert you can try for your feast.

Hope the above Thanksgiving menu for 2014 help you in preparing for the best feast of the year.

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