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Technology In Fundraising – Utilize Online Tools

Are you working for a non-profit organization, and running a fundraising campaign? Then you are likely looking into various ways to promote your organization and fundraiser. You might be already using some of them like social media, emails, phone solicitation, online donation form and peer-to-peer fundraising methods. While it is important to have some of the basics, it doesn’t hurt to have an online presence.

Technology - Xtraman Fundraising

Technology, nowadays, has advanced a lot. It is helping people in many ways, and it has a really amazing impact on the nonprofit organizations as well. If you are thinking using additional technology in fundraising, here are some different options to try for your fundraiser.

Creating a Website

If you have only used social media for an online presence, you should create a website for visitors and viewers. There are various platforms that can let you create a website for free. Having a website and managing social media accounts will help better demonstrate why the fundraiser is so important. In the website, you can go more into detail about how the donations will help your cause and the impact they can be.

AI or Artificial Intelligence

Many nonprofit organizations are really great about collecting data, but they are not that great in using them effectively. Artificial Intelligence can apply some really complex formulas to your data and serve you with some predictive analytics. These analytics, along with the data you have, can create a unique mix which can be quite helpful to help focus your efforts on a more specific market.


With tracking software or apps, you can keep track of who you’ve contacted and who’s already donated. This can help you better understand what methods are more responsive, too. This will also help you monitor the donation progress and how well your fundraiser ideas are performing automatically.


Technologies are always evolving, finding new ways to incorporate technology in fundraising can help raise funds for your nonprofit organization rather than sticking with traditional sticking with traditional school fundraisers that are just ok. It can be time consuming to go door-to-door, and try to teach people about your dedication for good cause and why they should donate. With the help of these technologies, you can reach a larger number of potential donors to try and convince them to donate to your fundraiser. Technology can help you to drive much more innovation and creativity in your fundraising programs.


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