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Team Building | How To Increase Motivation And Overall Work Results

Job motivation is primarily a two-way street cycle and should be understood as such. Once actions have been taken for this, it is necessary to insist on the purpose of the workgroups, regardless of the method used to do so. Among the main stages of the motivational cycle are the initial state, stimulation, awareness, action, and satisfaction. The motivation must be a strategic action, coordinated and constant, fed with daily actions that are included in a plan drawn up by senior management and implemented by Human Resources. So how and when to do it in such a way to guarantee the overall satisfaction of everyone.

Team Building | How To Increase Motivation And Overall Work Results

Team Work Makes the Dream Work, If Coordinated Well…

Taking your colleagues to a Christmas party in Derbyshire will certainly prove to be a major addition to their general satisfaction and team building. But, imagine that you have a company with an approximate number of 30 employees. Commercial activity, whatever it may be, depends largely on the development of projects in the short or medium term. Therefore, it is essential that your work teams feel motivated and have a high sense of belonging.

You, as a manager, have launched a couple of actions to make this happen, and in general terms, it has worked for you. If so, then performance levels will show the progression. The real question is how to maintain high levels of motivation for new projects while keeping the same strategies as before. A great way to do this is to incorporate fun activities into weekly or monthly work meetings. Let’s take a look at these team-building tips in 2023 that will surely improve your employee’s motivation and productivity.

Facilitate training:

Few things are as rewarding as feeling that a group of collaborators is evolving and that your company offers tools to do so. In this sense, the maxim is clear: The greater the training the greater the competition! And of course, the performance.

Encourage internal promotion:

It is also important that, when evolving, employees access promotion or some kind of promotional processes. It is an inevitable element when the company bets for constant training. If these doors are closed, the workers will feel that they are not taken seriously and they will look to work for other companies with better work options.

Improve communication:

There is a directly proportional relationship between motivation and communication. Although the stimulation proves to be the best, it’s still wise to note that, if the information has deficiencies or if it does not meet its objective purpose then the group dynamics will suffer. Everyone yields more if they move clear and towards specific goals.

Insist on compensation:

Insisting once on the rewards (whatever they may be) is important, and maybe even a second and a third time. But why not turn that into a plan with internal rules, deadlines and measurement tasks? This is what is called an incentive system, something especially useful for companies that work around results, such as sales departments. If it is established in such a way, it will soon be another element of the corporate culture and will no longer be an isolated component.

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