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Tech Means Yacht Charters Not Just For The Rich

A vacation on a yacht may have been picturized by millionaires in movies and media but the truth is far from reality. The Tech & Internet revolution that has changed so many aspects of our lives has also helped to bring massive disruption in the sailing holidays world.

Tech Means Yacht Charters Not Just For The Rich

On websites such as, there are a lot of types of boats, and sailing boats. You have a yacht charter that you can hire from various ports. These can be group packages; solo yacht charters skippered and crewed with full-featured holiday packages. These are customized for first-timers, families, and other groups as well. You can have specific packages for fishing and exploration expeditions. Thus, with so many varieties you also have a range of prices, these vary from season to season, and from one port to another and so on.

In short, yacht charter vacations are not just for the rich. Fortunately, there are travel packages that can be booked online in groups to avail of big discounts on spending the entire sum on your own private luxury vacation.

Hire a Captain or Sail a Vessel Themselves

One way to cut expenses if you are an experienced sailor is removing the need for captain, crew, and navigator and so on. It depends on your and your group’s expertise. People often hire a yacht and go on with their partner on a private sailing trip. In the Mediterranean, the weather is really nice during most parts of the year. However, if you’re a beginner or taking a holiday package you will see other groups, fully-crewed vessels. The routine shall be planned well ahead and you can simply sit and relax the whole time.

  • Hiring a crewed vessel increases costs.
  • You can hire just a skipper from the local port to assist with native knowledge.
  • You can have just an additional technician for the engine and other related issues like radio contact.
  • Sometimes even if you have a skipper license, having an extra experienced person onboard is helpful.

A Crewed Yacht Charter Delivers Maximum Fun

They blend the comfort and luxury with the spirit of adventure and exploration, and fun. You can have a skipper license but relaxing on a vacation than being stuck on the wheel is more fun. You can enjoy watersports, swimming, delicious meals and take lots of pictures. Many yacht charter and holiday package planners are creating an all-inclusive package that you can book well ahead and enjoy.

  • A small group of 10 people on a big yacht with free Wi-Fi onboard, watersports equipment, fully stocked bar are some of the attractions.
  • You can find these packages in most popular destinations like Mediterranean, America, Indian Ocean, South Pacific, and more.
  • With gourmet food onboard you can enjoy a nice warm meal without worrying about things.

In case of an emergency, there are people on board to offer immediate help.

Year-round warm weather, brilliant shining water, and the sunny sky up above can be most lucrative. Besides, you have white sandy beaches and temperate climate for stops and halts at many islets on the way. With prices around $500 per night, you can book all-inclusive yacht charters from several planners. Yacht charter vacations are being made more budget-friendly these days.

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