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Swiggy App Gets Redesigned for Faster Ordering and Seamless Tracking

The flood of updates continues and now adding to the list is Swiggy that has refurbished its iOS and Android app with an intention to make the users’ experience of ordering food and tracking more smooth. The revamped app lets the user discover restaurants & food easily and place order faster as well. Now, the user interface will be displaying trending offers, popular and new options from the neighborhood upfront. In addition, the app also gives personalized recommendations for dishes and restaurants.

In a press statement, the company said that restaurant particulars will be loaded on the app now 30% faster than before. In the home banner of the app, a tab “neighborhood snapshot” is displayed that provides a synopsis of the deals of the day and trending & new restaurants as well. Machine learning technology is used by Swiggy to provide the users a personalized restaurant list on the basis of their previous searches and orders.

Now, Swiggy users can go through the menu simply by swiping vertically or by tapping directly the button that goes to the category of dish of their choice. In the previous version, the users required to swipe horizontally through the categories to have a glance at the menu. It has also enabled a rapid ordering by keeping the users’ order history through “Repeat.” Now, the order’s expected time of arrival during live tracking is also shared by the redesigned app.

Swiggy’s Products VP, Anuj Rathi, said, “The redesigned app completely achieves our aim of offering a superior experience of food delivery and ordering to the users. Over years, we have perceived the ordering patterns of the users and realized that each user has an exclusive journey of ordering food. Few are unsure what they want and thus, search alternatives on the app; and then there are some who know just what they wish to order; and others come in with a particular yearning, such as “I want to have some Chinese food.” We have re-revamped the app, making it more personalized and intuitive.”

Swiggy’s Design VP, Srinath Rangamani, said, “At Swiggy, we intend to assist the users in exploring their options in the fastest and easiest way possible. We understood that users usually do not get a chance to check the complete menu owing to the restricted one-handed gestures that we are habituated to. So, we restyled the app in a manner that the entire menu can be reviewed with just one vertical swipe. It requires only nominal navigation and is suitable for right-handed as well as left-handed use; all in an unconstrained and uncluttered environment.”

Poonam Bhosale
Poonam Bhosale
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