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Swarm App Revamped By Foursquare to Highlight Previous Check-Ins

Swarm, a location-sharing app, has been once again updated by Foursquare making the addition of few more features for iOS and Android users. However, the most prominent one is placing its feature “Lifelog” front and center, presenting the user with a collection of all their past check-ins. For this improvement, Foursquare has upgraded the UX, upgraded the stats dashboard, and re-visited the map view as well.

Swarm v5.0 enables the users to see all their check-ins in single place emphasized in their profile. An interactive map is present of the profile page’s top that the user can click, go into, and glance through. Previously, this map was placed in the distinct menu. This, basically, shows stats of the several places visited by the user in the past, the category of visited places, and the charges of check-ins the user has done over a specified time course.

Now, within the Swarm app, the users are permitted to place a virtual flag on the places they have visited, make a memory of categories that can be revisited, and see a number of places the user has been to over time, and make them realize the ones that should be visited. Basically, it enables the user to recall the vacation to a specific location, family road trip, and all of the local coffee shops that the user has been to on a much more macro, memorable level.

Additionally, now there are 100 collectible sorts, each combined with a collectible sticker for improved illustration. The user’s profile page has also been redesigned with simple and rapid access to all of their stats about what you do and where you go. Even the check-in maps are shareable for the purpose of show-off.

The co-founder of Foursquare, Dennis Crowley, also posted regarding the new update and how they required almost 6–8 months perfecting it. He explained, “Swarm was developed to assist users to become attentive of their schedules and then push them to do more, inspiring them to check-out new places or discover a different neighborhood. This notion of “software that boosts the user to see/do/experience stuffs they typically would not” is something that has been central to us ever since our primary days and I’m happy to perceive it live on and bloom in Swarm.”

The new Swarm 5.0 can be downloaded by the iOS users from the App Store; nevertheless, Android users will have to hold on at least for 2 weeks to receive the update.


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