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Spam Mails: A Constant Nuisance in Your Mailbox

Spam mails are not only annoying but also very dangerous to consumers. These mails constantly appear in your mailbox and may prove quite difficult to handle especially when they are sent on a daily basis. Most of these spam mails are generated by bots working for specific companies. They may therefore have marketing information for a product or service that you have never used before. To avoid getting these messages, you should make use of the right channels that will help you unsubscribe from spam easily.

Spam emails are very different from emails sent by friends or co-workers. One of the most notable features of a spam mail is that it lacks an opt-out service. You can, therefore, never unsubscribe from the messages and thus they will continue filling your mail box. Some spam mails may have an unsubscribe link that will only lead you into more problems. The link may be used by the sender to verify your account and check whether it is active. Alternatively, it may redirect you to links containing malware which may in the end harm your computer.

Why Individuals and Companies Send Spam Emails

Chances are that you can easily differentiate spam messages from legit mails. However, not everyone has the knowledge and experience needed to examine the risks associated with spam. For this reason, the spammers can achieve their goals since you cannot unsubscribe. They are therefore able to make huge profits while you are left counting your losses.

Most companies prefer sending spam mails since it is a cheaper method of marketing their products and services. All they have to do is send the mail to addresses in their list. This is regardless of whether or not you had subscribed to their services. The more spam mails they send the higher their chances of attracting new customers. Apart from costs, spam mails also reduce the time spent by a company in marketing. This is because the spammer sends many messages at once. They are therefore able to reach out to many people within the shortest time possible.

How Spammers Get Email Addresses

The question on many people’s lips is how companies get email addresses before sending spam mails. To help solve this question, here are a number of primary sources relied upon by companies using email marketing:

1. Newsgroups and Chat Rooms

Most first time users of chat rooms and newsgroups always use their screen names or leave their real email addresses.  With this information readily available, spammers can use pieces of software to extract them. They will then send the spam message after getting as many email addresses as possible.

2. Websites

The internet is full of different websites offering various services online. With the high number of sites, spammers can create search engines whose main responsibility is to look for email addresses from the sites. These search engines commonly known as spambots have the capability of accessing multiple websites at a go.

3. Sites Created to Attract E-mail Addresses

Companies with a good financial backing may decide to create a site which attracts e-mail addresses easily. Most of these sites may ask you for your email address promising to give you a favour in return. For instance, they make ask you to type your email address in order to win $1 million. Since it is a good deal, you will be tempted to send your email address.  In the end, the site only sends your spam mails about their products or services.

4. Dictionary Search of E-mail Servers

Dictionary search of email servers of large email hosting companies like Hotmail, MSN and AOL is probably the most common method of getting email addresses. This dictionary search makes use of a software which opens a connection to the target mail server. It then proceeds to capture as many email addresses as possible. To do this successfully, the software records “live” addresses before adding them to the spammers list.

Email addresses just like phone numbers are not private. As soon as a spammer gets hold of your email address, you may end up getting many spam messages. This is because the spammer may decide to send the email address to other spammers

Dealing with Spam Mails

With technological advancement, it has now become easier to contain spam mails in your mailbox. All you have to do is rely on a tool like the spam filtering software. This software has the capabilities of deleting any mail that has been auto generated. To do this successfully, the software separates the important messages from those that you do not need. You will therefore delete the spam messages without facing any difficulty.

Unfortunately, getting a software that can separate wanted and unwanted emails is not a walk in the park. This is because there are so many sites that are now selling this software online. You will therefore find it hard to settle on a store that will guarantee maximum results after purchasing the software. Fortunately, you can decide to use Clean Mail, a site that makes it easy for you to delete spam mails.

Spam mails may make it hard for you to access the important emails in your mailbox. For this reason, you have to make sure that you unsubscribe from spam. By doing so, you will not have to worry about mails that keep on bugging you especially when busy. Furthermore, you can avoid getting viruses, or malware that may be sent by the spammer. This malware is usually transferred to your computer after clicking on a link knee pads that comes with the spam mail.

By getting rid of spam mails, you will only receive the emails that you want. You should seek the help of your email service provider if you find it hard in stopping the spam mails. The email service provider will then check the IP address of the spammer before blocking it. Once this is done, you will never again receive spam messages from the spammer.

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Ann Castro
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