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Skype has been upgraded for iOS

Skype has been upgraded for iOS

Microsoft has upgraded the Skype application for the iPhone and the iPad, showing a much improved design for the environment calls. This is a slight upgrade but gives you something extra to known application.

In the new version 4.6 of Skype, we see a number of minor bug fixes, but the most important change is the UI (User Interface) during calls. The new look is much How to Play Winning When you participate in an International

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Also there is a new way that allows users to record the conversations that wish to “read” and requires no more “few clicks”, as the company.

Gradually, Micrsosoft, adapts the new acquisition into its own design philosophy, maintaining the clean lines, large squares and the clearest choices, as it has in Windows 8 but also Outlook.com.

The new version of Skype is available in the App Store of Apple, the responsible development of the application to invite users to comment on the Skype Support Network.

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