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SinoPAK Machinery: One Stop Destination To fulfil All Your Equipment Needs For Fruit Line Production.

It is horrible to imagine a day without water or other drinking beverages. They are important basic needs of humans. So, fruit juice production has become a profitable industry.


Entire process involved in fruit juice production is not as simple as we think. It involves many complex processes. Your initial challenge is selecting and purchasing right equipment for juice production line to perform each process like fruit sorting machine, fruit washer, fruit elevator, peeling & destoning machine, fruit pulping machine, juice refining machine, juice filling machine, juice sterilizer machine etc..,

Here is where SinoPAK machinery comes to your help. It aims to provide better quality filling machinery to all kinds of beverage production lines.

SinoPAK machinery

How does SinoPAK machinery help your Juice line production?

One of the primary solutions of SinoPAK machinery includes hot juice line production. Hot filling includes pure fruit juice, tea, energy drinks and granule beverages.

Juice line production require heavy machinery in the whole process like juice homogenizer, washing patt, granule injection filter, capping, bottle inverse sterilizer machine, spray cooling tunnel, sleeve shrink labelling machine, and full automatic hot shrinking packaging machine.

Here, each of these machines has specific functionalities such as

Juice Homogenizer is used to homogenize and emulsify the juice and syrup together, making them good in taste.

Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine is used in sterilizing PET bottle mouths and inside of caps, which haven’t been disinfected by the thermal tea. Fruit juice is filled in PET bottles with average sterilizing time of 15-40 seconds.

Spray Cooling Tunnel is used to reduce the temperature of hot filling drinks to 36℃-40℃, or increase the temperature of cold filling carbonic acid drinks to 36℃-40℃ with average spray time of 15-20 minutes.

Full Automatic Hot Shrinking Packaging Machine is designed for packaging requirements.

SinoPAK machinery would help you get this equipment at one place. Technical agreement with SinoPAK machinery includes add-on services.

Services of SinoPAK Machinery:

Once you sign an agreement and technical contract with SinoPAK machinery, their services would cover all machinery design, installation and other equipment needs. Here is everything that you should know about their services:

  • They will set up a special project management organization to develop a design, production, quality inspection and construction plans as per your specific requirements. All the technical details would be provided to the user.
  • Once the equipment is manufactured, all the goods will be supplied by them with standard protection against long distance inland transportation and protection against moisture, shock, rust and smooth handling would be ensured.
  • Company shall provide free training to the technical personnel on the user side, and the trainees with basic mechanical knowledge in the training site would be arranged on the operation site of the system equipment, which can be installed according to the specific requirements of the user.
  • After training, the trainees shall be able to eliminate general faults, and the company would send technical personnel to eliminate the faults that cannot be eliminated by the user.
  • Other helpline services for customers include troubleshooting, fault location, and other services, through the authorized designated system administrator in the enterprise.
  • Internet remote maintenance would be provided which includes Internet remote maintenance services to achieve rapid system diagnosis and troubleshooting, to ensure the normal and stable operation of the system.
  • After delivering the final payment, free technical personnel to guide the installation of the phenomenon would be provided.
  • However, during the installation process the user will be informed about the precautions and how to solve the common problems by the technician. Once the machine operates normally for 24 hours, the technicians guide the whole process operation.
  • Preferential policies for long-term supply of spare parts will be provided for future use.
  • Within the design life cycle of materials and equipment, SinoPAK takes the whole responsibility of the materials and equipment supplied.
  • When the customer encounters a problem, a video call would be made within one hour to determine the problem, and guidance would be provided to the customer in troubleshooting the existing equipment and solving the problem.
  • If video cannot solve the problem, specialized engineers would be arranged to troubleshoot the issue. If there is an error identified in the machine parts, then new parts will be sent with the engineer and the issue will be fixed within a week.

With all these services, SinoPAK machinery would take care of your equipment functioning and help you produce a better quality bottled drink.

Bottom line:

Jiangsu SinoPAK Machinery Co., LTD has been a trusted manufacturing factory since 2008 with ISO 9001-2000 and CE certification. It focuses on manufacturing the high quality beverage bottling machinery which includes drinking water filling machine, carbonated soft drink filling machine, fruit juice filling machine, RO water treatment system, automatic hot glue labelling machine, 5L water filling machine etc.

SinoPAK ensures to fulfil all kinds of bottling equipment needs. So, partner with SinoPAK to ensure continuous production of beverages from your production line with no machinery failure.

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