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Several Tips For Packing And Shipping A Watch

Whether you are selling your watch online, sending it as a gift to your loved one, or you run an online watch store and want all your customers to receive their purchases in perfect condition, the appropriate packaging matters a lot. It helps you protect what is inside the box and ensure it will reach the destination safely and securely. Here you have several tips and tricks that will help you pack and ship your watch with confidence.

Several Tips For Packing And Shipping A Watch

Tips for Packing and Shipping a Watch

  1. Durable box of the right size

The first and one of the most important things to consider is the box that you will use for packing your watch. It is always better to ship a watch in its original box, but if you do not have it, take your time to find a durable one of the appropriate size. The fact is that too large boxes may cause your watch to bounce around inside during transit, whereas too small boxes do not have enough room for protective padding and wrapping.

  1. Wrapping materials

The right packaging is of great importance when it comes to shipping such delicate items as watches. Wrap your watch in tissue paper (do not use newspaper) to secure it from scratches and then in bubble wrap (not under or over, but around the piece). Use a high-quality moving tape to keep the protective material still. However, do not overdo it because too much tape can damage the item when unpacking. Put your watch in the box and add some packing peanuts or another cushioning material to fill in all empty spaces around the item. Avoid doing it too tightly. For extremely fragile and expensive items, it is reasonable to have double box protection, when a smaller box with the watch is placed inside a larger one that is also filled with cushioning material.

  1. Appropriate insurance

No matter how careful you are in wrapping and packing your watch, you cannot control every single aspect of the shipping journey, especially if it comes to the international transportation. For this reason, thoroughly research different insurance options. If you already have insurance, make sure it will cover the full value of your watch in case of damage or loss, so you won’t get in a bad situation if something unfortunate happens during transit.

  1. Package labeling

Once you have packed your watch and secured the box with high-quality tape, make sure the shippers know that you are shipping a fragile item, which can be easily damaged if handled roughly. You need to indicate the package as fragile on each side of the box to draw the shippers’ attention to the box contents. You can also write a short instruction on how to unpack the box if necessary.

  1. Reliable shippers

Finally, if you want your watch to arrive at the destination in its pristine condition and without a huge bill, you need to hire reliable shippers. Moreover, it is better to hire a company with extensive experience in shipping delicate and fragile items nationally and internationally. Only professionals can offer you a shipping solution you are looking for, as well as provide the simplicity and convenience of services to ensure the peace of your mind during the entire process of transportation.

This guide gives you a complete rundown of how to pack and ship a watch with confidence. If you follow these tips, your timepiece is sure to arrive at its destination safe and sound!

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