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SEO Trends You Must Know for 2020

Being one of the thriving economic zones in Australia, with a GRP of over $40 billion, Perth offers fantastic opportunities to large companies and start-ups. Recently, the capital city of Western Australia has seen higher growth in online shopping than the growth of its two million population.

SEO Trends You Must Know for 2020

You may be an online-based freelancer or you own a physical store at Balga with an online presence, there are chances that your competitors have a robust online presence, affecting your business. In this race of having superior online ranking, investing in the right SEO trends in 2020 is an excellent solution.

Perth SEO experts make your business reach your target demographic, increasing your online footprint in the Perth market. Here are some of the significant 2020 SEO trends that you should not miss.

Optimising Your Website for Voice Search

Nearly 60% of Australians, particularly in Perth, use voice searches. And about 20% of mobile queries being voice searches.

The voice queries tend to use longer phrases, with Google claiming its voice recognition accuracy to about 90%. The SEO experts in Perth work on ways to improve voice search optimisation in 2020. Focussing on local SEO, long-tail keywords, and page speed can optimise voice searches.

Investing in High-Quality and Optimised Content

More than half of online marketers in Perth consider blog content creation as their top inbound marketing priority. With about 80 million blog posts posted every month in Australia, content marketing gains thrice more leads than paid search advertising.

Perth SEO agencies focus on creating original content relevant to the readers, turning them into potential customers.

Mobile SEO will Make a Difference

If you have your business advertised on a billboard on the Canning Hwy or Roe Hwy, people can most likely forget it. It is best to reach your customers when they need you.

SEO studies suggest that about 90% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile. Moreover, 50% of smartphone users in Perth, discover new companies while performing a search on their smartphone.

SEO experts aim to leverage this trend by building sites for mobile-first and then making it desktop-friendly. In 2020, it is best to make mobile performance insights a part of your online reporting and visualize the user journey of mobile users.

Working on Delivering the Best User Experience

Even with Google moving to mobile-first indexing and increasing smartphone users in West Australia, most of the Perthites are still on desktop. With the increasing SEO trends in voice searches, the desktop will likely struggle to dominate, though the desktop experience is always vital.

SEO agencies in Perth work on improving user experience, whether it is website loading speed or the overall landing page experience.

Your primary objective should be to deliver the best user experience efficiently and personalize content for returning users.

Engaging Popular Influencers Can Make a Difference

Perthites often look for information they can trust and authentic reviews. 67% of West Australians read online reviews, and about 30% follow a brand or business on social media. Over 90% of West Australians use Facebook, and 23% use Instagram. Perthites easily connect with the over 1500 social media influencers in Perth.

Collaborating with an influencer can amplify your content reach and hence generate even more traffic to your website. It helps in building backlinks that Google uses when evaluating a web page’s ranking.

Featured Snippets Will Dominate More Search Links

If you search for the best hotels near Swan River, those websites that provide clear answers to commonly asked questions related to hotels near Swan River will feature as snippets. Hence, to take advantage of this feature and drive more clicks to your website, make sure your website answers the common questions of online users.

Optimising featured snippets is essential, making it a 2020 SEO trend.

Video Content to Drive Conversion Rates

Video content is about five times more likely to drive a conversion that textual content, attracting and retaining more customers.

Also, pages with videos are over 50% more likely to rank higher on Google search results. Young Perthites show more interest in online content that has videos.

Caversham in Perth ranks second among the places where millennials aged between 25-34 years wish to settle. Working on content with videos should be on the radar to bring this millennial traffic to your website.

Summing Up

Recent Australian SEO statistics suggest that 75% of website traffic will owe to videos, and by 2031, the majority of Perthites will shop online.

With such internet statistics, it is best to invest in productive 2020 SEO trends so that your online reach to potential customers increases significantly. Hiring an experienced SEO agency in Perth is the most reliable way to implement these SEO trends, thus meeting your sales target.

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