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How To Back Up Your Important Data To Cloud Storage Before Getting Computer Repairs

Unfortunate events happen in life and you don’t often see them coming. If you rely on your laptop or desktop computer for work, you can’t afford to lose access to it even for a single day. But what if it needs repair and you have to send it to a repair shop? Well, it is advised that you keep all your important data in cloud storage so that while computer repair experts do their work, you don’t have to stop yours.

How To Back Up Your Important Data To Cloud Storage Before Getting Computer Repairs

What Cloud Storage Options Work The Best?

Cloud storage is probably the best option you have to keep important data backup and always have access to your system and personal files from anywhere at any time. While there are so many cloud storage options available today, here we have the best of them that you can rely on.

  1. OneDrive

It is a very popular cloud storage option introduced by Microsoft and it offers free 15 GB storage for the lucky ones. Generally, everyone gets 5 GB storage in OneDrive.

The OneDrive users can use the mobile app or the desktop software for accessing all files and folders that have been uploaded to their account.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, OneDrive will appear in the File Explore just like a typical USB storage drive attached to your computer externally. Login with your Microsoft Live Account and get your important files backed up in the cloud storage.

  1. Microsoft Azure Backup

For Windows 10 users, Microsoft has introduced a new cloud service called Microsoft Azure for seamless backup of important files. This is a useful subscription-based backup system that keeps all your important files safe and accessible.

Whether you regularly backup your data to these services or you do it before taking your computer to Master Computer for any repairs, using cloud storage is highly recommended. It will help ensure that you do not lose your important data if the repairs go wrong or simply have access to it while your machine is being repaired.

Can Your Computer Repair Shop Help With Data Backups?

Yes, most repair shops help you with that and if you are not the tech-savvy types, you can simply pay them a visit every now and then to get regular backups in cloud storage.

So, there is no need to lose your important data ever again. Even if something wrong happens to your physical drives, you can still have a copy intact online in the cloud.

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