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Sanef and Renault Partner to Create Connected Mobility Solutions In An Advanced Way

Sanef, a top-notch motorway operator owned by Albertis group, declared about the collaboration with Renault. This decision has a motive to create connected technology amid the road infrastructure and autonomous vehicles in order to enhance the road safety and achieve the mark of zero fatalities along with hands off and eyes off experience.

Focusing and developing safety features of drivers, passengers, and other vehicles need lots of stakeholders in both private and government segment. The intention of the collaboration is to create such advanced safety solutions and make customers accessible to them as soon as possible for luxurious traveling experience in autonomous drive without disruption.

Both the companies are jointly working on crafting the vehicle of future by assembling the road infrastructures, applying vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity and V2X infrastructure in the network of European Scoop project. The testing of the projects is conducted for the first time in France along with Renault-built autonomous prototypes signify an initial step towards the aim to broaden the cooperation in other nations.

“We have identified the fact that there is a need for advanced infrastructures development. And this is cause for which Sanef Group and Groupe Renault are working mutually on the global innovation. Our aims respective to road-based technology and safety are congregate,” said CTO at Sanef Group, Edouard Fischer.

A simple functioning such as surpassing a toll barrier and under construction road zones turns out to be the main challenge for autonomous cars to drive constantly.

Both the companies have been working along with each other since many years. Sanef and Groupe Renault rolled out test program in last year at Normandy at the A13 motorway utilizing the V2X connected infrastructure developed by Sanef. The test’s aim was to understand the approach of the autonomously driven Renault’s vehicles while passing through the toll barriers and work zones. This pilot run is estimated to run until mid-2018 in Normandy.

How does it work?

The vehicle fetches information when it is about a kilometer prior of the toll barrier and operates in the lanes that are accessible and attuned for autonomous vehicle driving. The vehicle will project its spot in the lane and adjust its acceleration as per the speed limit signs. An absence of such signs makes it challenging to ensure guidance; hence, to overcome this concern, Renault vehicles are equipped with high-tech mapping technology that uses virtual lines based on the map of the site. Sensor simultaneously retains the position of the car while driving through the lane.

However, this collaboration based on mobility solutions will certainly help to stay upgraded to meet the futuristic requirements derived due to technology advancement.

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