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Role of NGOs in the Development of African Region.

NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) have become prime actors in responding to deficiency and related endurance. NGOs play an essential role in providing health care, education, and financial aid to small businesses in Africa.

NGOs in the Development of African Region

The non-profit sector continues to develop quickly in Africa and across the world. There are more than 150,000 registered NGOs in South Africa only, and in Kenya, the number of NGOs grew by over 500% between 1997 and 2008. And for most observers, they seem to be well-planned actors who do

much good on the continent.

They primarily support wildlife protection, human empowerment, and land conservation in the locality of the Sub-Sahara region of Africa. But NGOs also get their influence from public charity organizations like Empowers Africa, based in the USA, headquartered in the locality of New York City. They work closely with the NGOs to uplift the society of the African region and beyond. They are a registered organization under IRC section 501.

Empowers Africa was established back in 2013 and granted financial aid to more than 60 organizations in 15 countries across the globe. They also act as a financial investor for more than 24 NGOs. Primarily they sponsor the following programs:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Wildlife Protection
  • Land conservation
  • Fiscal sponsorship services
  • Small businesses development
  • And short film documentaries

At Empowers Africa, the proficient team of professionals aims to support leading organizations in the local region. They further extend to participate in the game-changing mission for nature’s safety: as in wildlife protection and land conservation. The organization has planned policies to empower themselves to work diligently on the aforementioned areas through their fiscal sponsorship. They are enthusiastically working on upgrading their education and health care systems to enable their residents to access quality education and health care in their very own locality. Practical steps and measures have been taken in the same regard to making it happen anytime soon. For it’ll be a long-desired dream come true for Africans. Consequently, with this noble cause, they are adding to the GDP of the local region.

Empowers Africa is quite an inspirational source for many organizations that need a cost-effective fund-raising solution partner in Africa. Through their fiscal sponsorship program, they simplify and fund-raising in terms of donations from the US. On behalf of the NGOs, they do so to focus on the other essential aspects. To rightly accomplish this noble cause, Empowers Africa teams up with the following associated partners in the local region:

  • Lion Landscapes
  • Natural Resource Conservation Network
  • Africa
  • PUBAH (Purpose Uganda Babies Home)
  • Rhino Conservation Botswana
  • Singita Lowveld Trust
  • The Royal Portfolio Foundation
  • Tsavo Trust
  • The Tswalu Foundation
  • Wilderness Wildlife Trust
  • Wildtrust
  • ALU Foundation
  • AsiliaGiving
  • Cape Leopard Trust
  • Children in the Wilderness
  • Dyer Island Conservation Trust
  • Eco exists
  • Friends of Alexandra
  • Friends of Hwange Trust
  • Friends of Samara Trust
  • iAfricaiLearnabout
  • Kenya Bird of Prey Trust
  • Kenya Wildlife Trust
  • Laikipia Wildlife Forum


The organization called Empowers Africa makes the continent proud of itself by empowering various vital aspects of life. They’re acting as a protective shield for them and encouraging their survival on the planet earth. There is a real need for such organizations to help contribute their part in preserving the World heritage.

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