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Rogers PCB Best High Frequency Printed Circuit Board

Are you new to the world of technology and engineering? Whether you are new or not, you must have heard about PCBs and mostly the Rogers PCB as it is so popular in the engineering industry.

Rogers PCB

The main reason is that the Rogers material for PCB is high frequency, unlike any other ordinary PCBs. Rogers PCB is of high quality, and it will outperform any other conventional PCBs; that is why it is highly used in the defense industry.

What is Rogers PCB?

Rogers material for PCB makes the best high frequency printed circuit board like no other in the PCB world. Most ordinary PCBs are made from the FR-4 material, a composition of glass fiber together with a lamination of copper foil on either side or both sides.

Rogers PCB features no fiberglass but uses a ceramic base as its high-frequency material. This makes Rogers PCB the best for high-frequency applications, unlike PCBs made from FR-4 material.

Rogers PCBs are of high quality, but they are easier and practical to use than any other option. Below are some of the capabilities of Rogers material for PCB.

Layer: 2 layers

Monthly capability: 1200 m2/month

Dimensions: 89mm*105mm

Material: rogers 4350

Min trace space: 15mil

Min hole size: 0.5mm

Finished board thickness: 1.6mm

Finished copper thickness: 1oz

Some features of Rogers PCB

  • Rogers PCBs come with a thin layer of conductive material
  • Made of woven glass reinforced hydrocarbon
  • Features standard plus uniform electric properties

Applications of Rogers PCB

  • Power amplifiers
  • Automotive radar
  • RF identification tags
  • Sensors
  • Defense industry
  • Aerospace applications
  • Microwave point to point among other applications

What is Rogers PCB

Benefits Of Using Rogers Material For PCB

Rogers material for PCB will offer you numerous benefits when deciding to use the PCBs in a dynamic thermal environment. The reason why this material is so popular is because of the following benefits.

  • The PCBs will display a more enhanced impedance control
  • They offer better thermal management
  • The dielectric loss, cross-over plus signal loss are lower with the Rogers PCB material
  • You will also get low moisture absorption
  • The PCBs are of high density
  • They are more resistant to any chemicals
  • The high frequency ensures that the PCBs can be used for numerous applications
  • Perfect for RF circuit boards
  • Among other benefits

Final Thoughts

Rogers material for PCB popular is the best option if you are looking for high frequency printed circuit boards. The Rogers PCBs are more reliable and highly beneficial for use in different applications. Although these PCBs are expensive compared to ordinary PCBs. You can be sure your one-time investment will get you quality products that will outweigh every penny you spend.

Therefore, if you are into aerospace, mobile networking, or any other engineering field that will require high-frequency PCBs, then the right products for you are the Rogers PCBs. They are made from quality material which will offer numerous benefits to you and your work. Order yours now and see the difference.

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