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CS:GO Halo Stickers Are Real

Since its 2012 release, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the most beloved FPSs in the gaming community, standing right up there next to Halo. It has everything you could ask for – dynamic teams, action-packed combat, awesome weapons, and immersive gameplay. But, what truly excites every single CS:GO enthusiast are stickers.

CSGO Halo Stickers

Sure, they’re purely cosmetic and don’t really add much to your gameplay, but they’re a wonderful element that speaks volumes about your gaming experience. In CS:GO gambling, they’re some of the most prized items and can often reach the value of thousands of dollars.

Although you can apply only four stickers to your weapon at a time, there are countless sticker variants available. And most recently, all eyes have been on CS:GO Halo stickers. Yes, they’re real, and they’re amazing. Take a look at all ten of the Halo stickers you can get in CS:GO.

Halo and CS:GO Have Similar Fans

So, what brought about this nice little union between Halo and CS:GO that produced some of the best stickers in the game yet? In essence, it’s the gaming community. Since both Halo and Counter-Strike are two of the most popular first-person shooters, it’s not surprising that their fandoms have a significant overlap.

On paper, the two games are quite different. Halo is a sci-fi FPS that centers on interstellar wars. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is about terrorists and counter-terrorists that compete in a variety of game modes. But, they’re both immersive multiplayer shooters with plenty of touchpoints that attract largely the same audience.

Devoted fans of the two games have built a vast community, unlike any other, and the news about the CS:GO Halo stickers has stirred quite a commotion.

When These Stickers Were Added

Very quickly after the release of Operation Shattered Web update in November 2019, Valve announced the expansion of CS:GO’s sticker collection. Operation Shattered Web was an anxiously awaited update as it introduced new character skins for avatars, new agents and agent skins, new maps, and, as you know, new graffiti and stickers.

The Halo-themed updates became available on November 26th, 2019. So, you can now buy the Halo sticker capsule, which contains one random sticker from the set for $0.99 directly in the main menu.

Of course, the Halo-CS:GO collaboration doesn’t stop there. Players who’ve bought and enjoyed the Master Chief collection can receive the Halo Music Kit for CS:GO.

All Halo Stickers in CS:GO

You can find ten different Halo stickers of the paper rarity in CS:GO. Five also come in the holo rarity from those ten stickers, and two in the foil rarity. So, you can customize your guns to your heart’s content.

Of course, the limit of four stickers per weapon still stands (unless you have the R8 revolver or G3SG1, which can have five stickers at a time), so you’ll only be able to have four Holo stickers applied at once.

Here’s an overview of all the available Halo stickers in CS:GO.


Halo wouldn’t be the game we know and love today without its army of supersoldiers known as Spartans. These elite, biologically enhanced, and heavily armored supersoldiers are a force to be reckoned with, so boasting a Spartan sticker on your gun is sure to make any enemy cower in fear.


The Extermination sticker will show your devotion to both CS:GO and Halo. Known as one of the most difficult medals to obtain in Halo, Extermination is a sign of determination and resilience.

If you aren’t familiar with the medal in Halo, to obtain it, you’d need to kill every single member of your enemy’s team as fast as possible to ensure that they all lie there dead at the same time – a feat that’s as rewarding as it is challenging.

Dirty Money

The Dirty Money sticker is a wonderful homage to Halo’s main character – Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. At first glance, the sticker looks like any random dollar bill with blood stains on it, nothing special, really. However, once you take a closer look, you’ll see ONE ONE SEVEN printed on the note. Subtle, yet intriguing.

Mister Chief

If you’ve got a nice sense of humor, the Mister Chief is just the perfect sticker for your CS:GO weapon. The meme-ish Mister Chief is Halo’s unofficial mascot, created by Frank O’Conner, former community manager. The sticker’s colorful, funny, and ideal for any fan of Halo and CS:GO.


If you’ve played “Headhunter” mode in Halo: Reach, you’re likely very familiar with what the Incineration sticker is supposed to represent. In this mode, players fight to collect the flaming skulls and bring them back to their mobile deposit zone.

The Incineration sticker is available in both paper and holo rarity.


The Chief sticker is the recognizable Halo helmet that even non-gamers are familiar with. It’s the most iconic Halo symbol you could think of, and it’s the only Halo sticker in CS:GO that’s available in paper, holo, and foil rarity.


The Noble team in Halo is nothing short of iconic. Consisting of Spartan-III supersoldiers and a single Spartan-II commando, it’s the perfect Halo team and the perfect sticker in CS:GO if you’re part of the team. Noble is available in paper and holo rarity.


Halo’s Assassin commendation is achieved every time you assassinate an enemy player in Halo: 4, War games mode. So, the Assassin sticker, which boasts the signature knife, is a great Halo homage in CS:GO.

Assassin is available in paper and holo rarity.


The most difficult campaign mode setting in Halo is none other than Legendary. Only the pros can survive for longer than five minutes in the legendary mode, and only the pros can confidently boast the Legendary sticker in CS:GO.

You can get Legendary in paper or foil rarity.


Killjoy is a Halo medal that’s awarded when you shoot down an enemy who’s on a killing spree of five or more kills. The sticker is a wonderful addition for any Halo fan, and it comes in both paper and holo rarity.


Getting your hands on one of these Halo stickers is bound to make your day. So, get yourself a few Halo capsules in CS:GO, and have fun customizing your weapons and trading your stickers.

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