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10 Powerful Internet Of Things (IoT) Examples In the World


Internet connectivity is powerful, and it has now penetrated beyond the world of smartphones and computers. Smart devices present around us are trying to solve the problems in the real world through digital intervention.

10 IoT examples 

IoT has created a lot of buzz lately. The technology is evolving, and it is penetrating fast into various industries, connecting every device that is internet enabled to develop real-life applications.

Here is some cool internet of things examples that are sure to blow your minds off.

10 IoT (Internet Of Things ) examples 

Smart Home

Smart homes are the most sought after internet of things examples. So what is a smart home? It is a home where the air conditioning gets switched on before you reach home from work. It even switches the lights off when the house is empty. Have a friend visiting your place to collect some stuff from your home when you are not there? IoT feature unlocks the door for your friend temporarily and gives him access to your home.

Smart homes are the future that is there to make your life convenient and simple. The smart home is a revolution soon to be started in the residential place, and it is predicted that in the years to come, it is going to be a common feature just like the smartphones today.

Infant monitors

IoT has some good news for the new parents. You can monitor the daily activities of your baby on your smartphone from anywhere in the world in real-time. Internet of things examples is the infant monitor that will give information on the sleeping position, respiration statistics, body temperature, and so on of your baby. Hence, you stay relaxed, knowing that your baby is doing just fine.

Health monitors

Get periodic information about your old parents and your kids’ health through health tracking devices. These let you monitor your and your families’ health in real-time. Any sudden change in the body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc., will get notified immediately, letting you take immediate action.

Smart shelves

IoT featured shelves will be embedded with cameras, sensors, and actuators that let you get real-time updates on the products on your shelf, letting you replenish them when required. This is a big boon for the retailers who get the real-time alert of any misplaced products immediately on their smart device.

Smart gardening

No time to water the plants in your garden? Then try out smart gardening. Sensors that are embedded in the garden let you be aware of the soil condition, humidity level, and temperature and also give you suggestions on when is the right time to water your plants. All of these can be managed and controlled on your smart device.

Smart refrigerator

Now peek into your refrigerator without opening the doors. IoT makes this possible. The smart refrigerators are attached to cameras and sensors. You can also track the food items that are getting spoilt without opening the door.

Smart shoes

Now, this is an internet of things examples that may look completely out of the fantasy world. Smart shoes let you change the colour of your shoes with just a single tap on your smartphone. Tap your heels to send a text message to a friend or call a cab. Walk wearing your smart shoes and count your steps as well as monitor the calories that you burn.

Find your child or your pet

It is terrifying when your child or your pet goes out of sight, even for a few seconds. With IoT-connected devices that are synced to your smartphone, you can now track the location of your child or your pet in real-time. Stay in peace when your child is out playing in the park or when you are away from your pet.

Driverless Cars

Out of the sci-fi world, driverless cars are the most futuristic application that IoT has to offer. Driverless cars do exist that can be driven without a driver and can take you to the correct destination. Equipped with sensors, cloud architecture, gyroscopes, and many more, the car can sense the traffic on the road, pedestrians walking on the road, potholes, speed breakers, and the road condition and process them at an amazing speed. If you want to know more about Industrial IoT you can definitely get help from TDengine for much more information.

Smart hotel rooms

The popular chain hotels are already eyeing this huge potential that IoT can offer to create a better travel experience for their guests. Smartphone apps are soon to replace car-based door keys. The lighting and temperature control are personalized for a better user experience. IoT also allows easy check-in and check-out and lets you get the best deals and travel suggestions right on your smart device.


The Internet of things or IoT is the next phase in the internet revolution. Check out the data science course to know more about the applications of IoT in the real world and to understand how IoT works.

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