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Safety Precautions to Avoid Truck Accidents

Did you know that in 2017, 11% of the deaths related to vehicular accidents in the United States was caused by truck accidents? This goes to show how the danger of driving increases for truck drivers. Everyone that goes on the road must follow proper safety rules and precautions to ensure safe travel. Nonetheless, if unfortunately your truck meets with an accident in a work zone, just visit ckflaw.com/semi-truck-accident-lawyer/construction-zone-accidents/ to understand what should be done next. However, here are some of the most important tips that you should follow to avoid truck accidents if you need some reminding.

Safety Precautions to Avoid Truck Accidents

1. Before getting on the road, inspect your truck or vehicle.

Especially during longer drives, your vehicle needs to be in tiptop shape, both for trucks and smaller-sized vehicles. Ensure your car is regularly inspected and maintained, and it should not be overloaded with cargo to avoid truck accidents.

2. Make sure the driver is in the best condition.

It is against the law to drive while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It gets more dangerous when the driver has to drive a truck since bigger vehicles require more control. Before hitting the road, make sure the driver is completely sober and have had enough sleep.

3. Avoid any distractions while driving.

The number one cause of vehicular accidents is distracted driving. It has been years that the movement to stop texting while driving was initiated, and it is still relevant now. Keep your eyes on the road. Do not use your cellphone nor play any music to avoid losing attention to where you are going.

4. Maintain appropriate speed.

After distracted driving, speeding is the second most common cause of truck accidents. Follow speed limits, especially during the night. Trucks are especially heavier, so overspeeding might result in losing control of the vehicle.

5. Follow traffic rules.

It is common sense that all licensed drivers must remain responsible and abide by all traffic rules and regulations. Always follow traffic signals, wear a seat belt, drive under the speed limit, and never run a red light. You should expect that taking risks and disobeying these regulations would one day cost you.

6. Do not drive a truck in bad weather conditions.

Check a day before your drive what the weather will be like. Driving a truck is especially more dangerous during heavy rains and snow. Because of the weight of the vehicle, it would be harder to control it on slippery roads. If you can put off a schedule of driving until the condition stabilises, then you should.

7. Distance yourself.

Whether you are driving the truck or the other vehicle, it is important not to tailgate. Make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the other cars in front of you. Just be mindful of all the other vehicles on the road.

8. Be aware of the truck’s blind spots.

Some drivers may not know this, but trucks have blind spots, which are the areas where the driver would not be able to see you because of the size of the vehicle he or she is driving. Make sure to avoid staying in a blind spot. It is a common rule that if you cannot see the driver in his side mirror, you are on one of the spots.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, immediately call an expert lawyer that would assist you in building a strong claim.

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