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Recommended VPNs while Spending Time in Australia and China

Due to the secure internet activity, you need to be supported by the best VPN. The role of VPN is even important for Aussies and Chinese internet users. This article gives you the information about the best VPNs for Australia and China.

The Benefits of Using the Best VPN

As an online security tool, VPN helps you do something that you can’t do with an ordinary system. For example, by using the best VPN, you are able to unlock some of the websites which included on the region blocking rule.

The most important, it protects your IP address and it keeps you away from hackers, especially when you are using the public Wi-Fi.


NordVPN is considered as the best VPN for Australia because of several reasons. The main reason is for its great speed. As an Open VPN, NordVPN provides you with fast speed and security.

The security system works well to keep you away from hackers who want to steal your data. It is hard for the hackers to pass the security system because this VPN is supported by a Perfect Forward Secrecy. It is a feature which offers extra security layers to protect the server.

At the same time, you are also hard to track because you are using a server with a great chain of VPN through the multihop feature. As the result, the other VPN servers are difficult to track your ID. Interestingly, you are able to unblock some streaming sites including Netflix and BBC iPlayer. This provider has 208 servers across Australia and it supports their performance a lot.

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access or PIA is included on the list because of its compatibility and its customer support. As an American based VPN, this provider offers several benefits to the users.

Let say, the VPN offers a great privacy and security system to keep you away from the hackers. This is also a great option for those who often do online transactions because you can keep your original ID in the payment process. You will be supported by some apps and software and all of them are easy to use.

Now, this provider has around 3145 servers in 33 countries. The problem is that they don’t give you a free trial, so you can’t test their service first. Moreover, the VPN is also not compatible for streaming sites and it doesn’t have a live chat feature.


The best part of using PureVPN is on its vision to provide internet freedom to the users from all around the world. To reach this goal, the provider is offering their service at an affordable price.

You will be supported by a great performance because they already have around 2000 service in 141 countries. Just like PIA, PureVPN doesn’t provide you with a free trial to know the service and it makes the first time users not sure to use it sometimes.


If you want to use an affordable VPN service, you may consider IPVanish. Besides giving you the best monthly cost, this provider grows significantly along with more than 1000 VPN servers in more than 60 countries.

The system also helps you to find out more than 40.000 IP addresses, so you can detect who come to your site. People love to use this VPN because it is compatible with several Operating Systems including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and many more.

Using the best VPN can also keep you get access to the internet connection even if you are in China. The key is using the best China VPN. Here, we show you several VPN which works in China.


The main reason why people love to use NordVPN is that this VPN service can be used in China. As the result, you will never lose internet access while exploring China. You can still enjoy your favorite movies on Netflix while in your relaxing time.

Moreover, you can also share your latest activity in China via your personal social media account including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. How about the Great Chinese Firewall which blocked some of the sites in China? It is not a problem anymore because NordVPN has a double VPN feature is it is effective enough to counter the firewall.


The second VPN which works in China is ExpressVPN. The best part of this service is the stable download speed. Although the provider doesn’t have any server in China you can still use the best server close to the country such as Hong Kong.

By using this server, you get the best speed to keep connected with the outside world via the internet connection. The provider has a great performance since they have 1.700 servers in more than 90 countries now.

The customer support is also excellent, and they will help you fast even if you are in China. It seems that this service is a little bit expensive, but it is not a big deal as long as you get the best service, especially while you are in China.


You don’t need to get confused with several blocked sites in China because PrivateVPN will help you. The system is designed to unlock all the blocked sites in China. The most important thing, you can access those sites safely because the second VPN will unknown your original IP and ID.

It seems the speed is not as good as the providers above, but it is worth it to try. You can use the server in Hong Kong to get internet access in China. It seems that the small server network becomes a problem for the provider to serve their clients.

You also need to wait a little bit longer if need a help from the customer service. The response is slow, and you are also not supported by a live chat feature to contact the customer service, especially for the urgent condition.


Indeed, you need to use a fast and affordable VPN while spending your time in China, right? PureVPN is the best solution to get smooth internet access even in the country with a strong firewall like China.

As the result, you can still enjoy your favorite movies in Netflix although the speed is not as fast as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. To get better internet access, you can use the server in Hong Kong although you can try their server which located in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

The point is that you can get internet access anywhere and anytime you want today even if you are in a restricted country such as China and Australia. The secret is using the best VPN and now you know which one of the VPNs for Australia and the best China VPN you have to use.

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