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Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog On Holiday

Back in the day it was much more difficult to take your dog on holiday with you than what it is now. This is because there now exists things, such as dog friendly hotels, dog friendly cottages, and dog friendly retreats on the isle of wight that mean you can take your pet pooch along with you.

Take Your Dog On Holiday

Whilst taking your four legged friend away on holiday is not only good for you, it is good for them also. Together, you can both have a great time in a new location either by the coast, in the countryside, or out in the snow. Some of the best things that you can experience from taking your dog on holiday with you are listed below.

It Saves You Money 

Gone are the days of having to hire a dog sitter for your petty dog or having to leave them in some expensive kennels for a fortnight. This means that you can spend more money doing fun things together whilst away on holiday. Whilst dog friendly accommodation has always been available, it was always very expensive given the sheer lack of choice. However, because there is not so much choice out there in terms of accomodations, it has brought the price right down.

It Stops Children From Being Homesick 

When going on holiday with young kids, and especially for the first time, it can be difficult for them to settle from being away from familiar surroundings. This can lead them to becoming homesick. However, by having your pet pooch around, it can prevent this from happening by providing them with a bit of home comfort. After all, a cuddle with a friendly pooch is enough to cheer anyone up, no matter how sad they may be.

It Alleviates Worry 

For anyone that has to leave their pet dog alone for a period of time, it can be a hard thing to do and may even cause a few tears. Owners are not the only ones affected by being separated, as dogs do not like it either. However, by embarking on a dog friendly holiday, there is no need to feel sad about doing this or to worry about how they are doing whilst you are away. This is because they will constantly be by your side, enjoying the experience just as much as you are.

It Provides Somewhere New To Explore 

Just like us humans do, dogs get sick and tired of looking at the same surroundings all day too. By taking them to a new place, they get to experience lots of new sights, sounds, and smells – some that they may not have ever experienced before. There is just as much for a dog to discover in a new place than what there is for you and your family.

Other reasons why you should take your dog on holiday with you include being able to take them on lots of long and fun walks and creating some great new memories with them that will last a lifetime.

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