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Five Tips for Capturing Precious Holiday Memories When the Family is on Vacation

Some families ditch cooking big holiday meals and sitting around the table for a different kind of holiday tradition. Instead, the whole family packs their bags and travels somewhere exciting to spend quality time together.

Five Tips for Capturing Precious Holiday Memories When the Family is on Vacation

There’s no better way to make lasting family memories than to spend time together during the holidays. When you combine that with vacation memories, you’ll enjoy a trip that you’ll never forget, especially if you think carefully about how you’re going to document your time together.

Make looking back on your vacation a breeze with the tips on this list.

Choose the Perfect Destination

The first trick to a memorable holiday vacation is to choose the right location. You can go just about anywhere in the world and make wonderful family memories, but if you want your memories to be firmly planted in the holiday spirit, you have to travel to a location that decorates for Christmas.

Nashville is the perfect destination because the country music capital of the world has many holiday-centered activities to choose from, and you’ll find outstanding decorations at places like the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

Thinking about what your family would enjoy is helpful too. If you come from a cold weather climate, a trip to the beach might be a great idea. However, if you come from a warm weather climate, the kids might love seeing the snow in the mountains.

Use a Digital Camera

Taking pictures is a must when you’re on vacation, and it’s a great way to capture family memories so you can revisit them later. It’s even better if you take pictures that are good enough to print and put in a picture frame when you return home.

There’s no denying that using a cell phone to take pictures is convenient, but if you want really great pictures, you should use a digital camera.

The benefits of digital cameras over smartphones include:

  • With multiple lenses to choose from, you can get up close and take pictures from far away.
  • Customizable settings allow you to control things like shutter speed, so you can take action shots.
  • Low light shooting is superior, so you can take endless pictures of all those holiday lights.

Take Video

Pictures are great, but don’t forget to take videos too! It’s the best way to capture family members just as they are.

A dedicated video camera is better than a cell phone, but don’t shy away from using your cell phone if you don’t want to lug around another device. There are things you can do to make your videos more interesting, even if you are using a cell phone.

For example, try shooting video in the thick of the action instead of lingering in the corner of the room. Avoid using the zoom on your phone, as it will only make your images blurry, and open the window if you’re recording during the day to let natural light in.

Give Digital Picture Frames as Gifts

Wondering what to get everyone for Christmas? Why not make sure they can remember your vacation with digital picture frames!

There are many different kinds of digital picture frames to choose from that offer different ways for you to display your pictures. Wi-Fi enabled frames allow you to share pictures online that can be placed into the rotation in the frame. You can also find frames that can be updated from afar, which is the perfect gift for family members who couldn’t go on vacation with you. Grandma will love to see what the family is up to in real time during the holiday season!

Soak up the Moment, and Write About It Later

Taking pictures and videos are great ways to capture important family memories on vacation, but if you’re the one in charge of capturing those memories, you need to give yourself a break. Taking too many pictures and videos means you’ll miss out on the memories yourself.

Instead, step away from the camera and soak up the moment. Be fully present in the moment, paying attention to the way the air smells, what everyone is wearing, and what’s happening around you.

If you’re worried that your memory will fade, write about it later. Not only will the act of writing help you remember better, you’ll have a journal entry you can revisit years down the road.

Taking a vacation with your family is a great way to make holiday memories. Make sure those memories stick with the tips on this list!

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