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IObit Malware Fighter 8 Review

Although, an antivirus program seems to be a necessary thing. It protects the system from viruses and all that. But, there are a lot of problems with antivirus too. For example, you want to play a game, and he gives you a different type of threat, which does not exist. In general, antivirus is a double-edged sword. In addition, the antivirus “eats” system resources, slows down the system loading and also slows down the system at the moment when it updates the virus databases. There is plenty of Anti-Malware software that cleans your computer, but IObit Malware Fighter 8 is one of the best programs in this category.

IObit Malware Fighter

Malware Fighter 8 by IObit is an anti-malware engine with advanced online privacy data protection from external threats. IObit Malware Fighter 8 has beefed up its anti-malware engine with a 100% expanded database. Furthermore, according to a large number of tests, the scanning speed is 50% faster than the previous version. Thus more threats can be detected and removed quickly. Scan types are divided into Smart, Full, and Custom. An advanced system of options helps you to customize the scan features depending on the user’s desire and the current situation.

How it works

IObit Malware Fighter 8 is an effective app against malicious software that cannot be detected by other similar tools. This IObit Malware Fighter 8 uses three engines: IObit Anti-Malware Engine, Anti-Ransomware Engine, Bitdefender Engine. Few people have heard about this program, but those who installed it on their computer believe that it copes with its tasks quite well.

The program consists of several modules that block and eliminate such malicious threats as:

  • Viruses,
  • Malware,
  • Ransomware,
  • Spyware,
  • Advertising programs,
  • Trojans,
  • Network worms,
  • Keyloggers,
  • Spies,
  • Etc.

The program uses three engines in its work, which quickly and efficiently scan your computer. Bitdefender’s engine, with a database of over 200 million malware programs, helps block any threat.

The Safe, along with the new Sensitive Data Protection, provide multi-layered privacy protection to block access from intruders. The program has a special box in the form of a safe, in which you can put any file or folder, assign a password, and your data will be under reliable protection not only from prying eyes but also from any ransomware.

 The new Email Shield feature protects user’s web emails from spam, phishing scams, and other email-borne threats for a safer browsing experience.

The program also provides reliable protection for your browser. It means that you will never end up on phishing (duplicate) sites and do not lose your money in payment systems. And no malware will be able to change the settings of your home page. It is also possible to block annoying ads and delete tracked cookies.

The program makes your computer boot up faster by stopping any malicious activity in RAM. And the camera defender blocks any unauthorized actions with it.

There is also a security check for USB devices connected to your computer.

Features of IObit Malware Fighter App:

  • advanced system for finding and removing malware;
  • you can select the scan mode;
  • convenient system of check settings;
  • protection of startup and files;
  • control over the main processes within the system;
  • Block dangerous files loaded from removable media.
  • The program is so easy to use that even a baby can work with it.
  • The program supports 32 different languages.
  • It comes in two versions: paid and free. But don’t worry: activation keys for the paid version can always be bought online – dig and find!


  • One of the cheapest Anti-Malware solutions.
  • Real-time protection.
  • Safe Box feature.
  • Well-designed user interface.
  • Great variety of features.
  • Webcam protection.
  • Variety of scanning modes.


  • Slow scan.
  • It can be easily disabled.
  • Slow to detect viruses.


IObit Malware Fighter 8 is one of the best anti-malware software. It allows you to identify and eliminate malicious software. This application is based on a special algorithm that detects malicious and spyware. Although IObit Malware Fighter 8 has a long list of features. But some features don’t work as expected, and the antivirus engine looks average at best. However, it’s still a choice with it’s good UI and good price.

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